Friday, October 27, 2006

You Didn't Hear It From Me!

This is the new SOCOM version of the 4X ACOG gunsight from Trijicon, the TA-31 ECOS (Enhanced Combat Optical Sight, one presumes). It's anodized brown, so it will got well with that suit from the Sears rack; note the Docter red dot pistol sight on top for up close and personal encounters...remember dat ole demon parallax. the battery on the Docter — the only battery on the sight — is rated for two years if you keep the cover n the little bugger, which shuts it off. BTW, I've always wondered about that fiber optic light gathering tube on the top of the sight, like, how easy was it to break. The answer, according to Trijicon's experts is residence, is damned hard to break. I didn't get to pound it up and down on concrete, but hey...

Expect to see this premiered at the SHOT Show in January.Meanwhile, keep it under your hats.

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