Monday, February 19, 2007

Remington Stands Tall!

This from the Remington website:
NOTICE: Remington is in the process of severing our sponsorships with Mr. Zumbo. Remington in no way shares or advocates any of the comments made by Mr. Zumbo on his blog site. A formal announcement will be released by noon today.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Remmington!

Mr, Zumbo - open mouth - insert foot - and now Grab Ankles.

Makes me want to go out and buy a new shotgun to go along with my S&W MP15A.


Countertop said...

OK, here's the question fo ryou.

I will be going to Idaho in the fall to hunt elk on a buddy's ranch (trip of a lifetime??? yep, so far).

Seeing as I hunt my eastern white tail with a Marlin 336 I've been looking for a suitable Bolt to be my gun purchase this year.

After Remington's decision to come out on our side, I am going to proudly purchase one of theirs. Was looking at the Remington 700s, wondering if they have another model I should look at?

Anonymous said...

I say Remington has done the right thing and done it about as fast as it can. Everyone should SUPPORT REMINGTON for their action.

Anonymous said...

re: Idaho Elk hunt

Take a look at their new 798/799 models if you're a "controlled feed" control freak like me. Looks like a great value.

I've always passed on Remington bolts because of their lack of key Mauser features like claw extractor.

However, with this quick reaction to Dumbo and decisive Remington leadership they've bumped the Savage I was looking at and gone straight to the top of my list for the .22x rig on my short list.


Anonymous said...

Remington is top notch and took the right steps. I think that Mr. Zumbo has a lot more lerning to do though. A lot more.

Anonymous said...

The ships are leaving the sinking rat. The original blog entry on Outdoor Life at has been replaced with the following:

"Statement from Outdoor Life

Due to the controversy surrounding Jim Zumbo’s recent postings, Outdoor Life has decided to discontinue the “Hunting With Zumbo” blog for the time being. Outdoor Life has always been, and will always be, a steadfast supporter of our Second Amendment rights, which do not make distinctions based on the looks of the firearms we choose to own, shoot and take hunting. Please direct any comments you have to"

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about an UnPerson in the Orwellian sense! All of his blog entries are now gone, and all that is left is Wonder how long that will be around?

Anonymous said...

Well, the Zumbo blog was just shut down due to the incredible number of white-hot postings from pissed-off gun owners, and AR owners in particular. Great move! Instead of encouraging their displeased subscribers and viewers to use the blog to vent their anger at Zumbo's incredibly stupid anti-gun comments, they've made the decision to substantially piss them off even more by silencing their opinions! Someone deserves a promotion!

Anonymous said...

Anyone can still direct comments. Simply use the address provided by OL.

The negative to this is we then can't see who all are "for" or "against."

"Please direct any comments you have to"

Walt R.

Anonymous said...

I was going to buy a bolt action .308 from another manufacturer, but I think a good ol' Remington 700 would do nicely now. Sometimes it feels good to be able to let a company know they did the right thing.

Go Big Green!

Anonymous said...

Cabela's is tossing him overboard too:

I don't know about you, but I'm mighty impressed with the speed and firmness of Remington's CEO's actions in this matter. I've never owned a Remington and hadn't planned to ever buy one, but I'm going to buy a Remington firearm this year as a direct expression of support for Mr. Millner's obvious and emphatic support of the Second Amendment. Hope others will too.

I don't know what to buy, though. I wish they still made XP-100s....

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously I posted my comment prior to reading others' comments. It's great to see so many folks giving Remington some immediate positive reinforcement.

That 700 looks interesting, and they make it in a left-hand version, so I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

I was so pleased to read this strong showting by Remington that they support our full RIGHT as Americans to keep and bear arms that I tool action to show my support right back.

Today I purchased two Remington shotguns and a number of factory Remington accessories to go with them.

We need to speak up and be heard in Washington D.C. and at the state level to keep these rights in tact. We should also show strong and immediate support to companies who take a strong stand with us in this fight.

Way to go Remington and thanks Michael Bane for bringing this to my attention.

Anonymous said...

You won't be disappointed with your lefty Mod. 700.
Despite what DW loves about contolled feed, it has never been an issue for me. Claw extractor? If the gun kicks out the empties, and mine do, I'm happy. :)

I have two 700's that are flawless in function and with the right loads on a good trigger day, will shoot 1/2 MOA.

Yeah Baby! Go big Green!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm expecting the MSM to catch up with this story soon. Going from being a celebrity in your field to an un-employed pariah in less than three days over one stupid blog entry must be some kind of record. Will Zumbo do the honorable thing and refuse to be interviewed? Or will he join the Brady Bunch and try to blame everyone but himself?

Anonymous said...

You might not like black guns, but they are coming for your deer rifle too.

Join or die...