Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Super Secret Para

...I finally got a chance to handle the non-firing proto and step through the specs of the long-rumored .45 ACP polymer-framed striker-fired Para...very impressive on first blush (and no...I was specifically prohibited from taking pictures)...each iteration of plastic pistols learns something from the last...

6:00 AM call and it's the middle of the night...sheesh...more later!


Anonymous said...

All I wanna know is this.

Will it utilize the regular double stack 45 mags (or the single stack 1911 mags?)

I wouldnt want to have to start stocking a whole new different type mag

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could get them to fix their P-16 mags so when you put a Dawson basepad on them to use in USPSA Limited they don't lock the follower in the tube.