Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sustainable Protein

Excellent piece n ESPN Outdoors (via InstaPundit) on hunting:
The short version — if you don't want to plod through the math below — eating a pound of wild venison instead of a pound of beef may keep roughly a gallon of gas out of industrial food production.

If you figure that the average American eats almost half a pound of meat per day, that's potentially a huge savings of carbon going into the atmosphere (to say nothing of the national security implications of saving oil).

"If you think of the average hunter as a guy who hunts around his area, a lot of venison comes from a block away," says Steven Rinella, a hunter and author of "The Scavenger's Guide to Haute Cuisine" and, forthcoming in a couple of weeks, "American Buffalo."

He said that as a kid, he used to bowhunt deer right around his house, "before anyone had any idea about this 'eating local' garbage."

Yes, "eating local." That would be the premise that an eater — e.g., you and everyone you know — can conserve natural resources almost passively, simply by eating food produced close to home. Pick the farmer's market blueberries instead of those flown in from Chile, the thinking goes, and you spare the Earth a heapin' helping of exhaust fumes.


Anonymous said...

The newest left wing buzzword is "freegan". Best described as dumpster diving. I ain't headed that way.

I really couldn't care less if I foul the environment by eating a cow.

Tim Covington said...

"If you figure that the average American eats almost half a pound of meat per day"

I'm above average. I easily eat a pound of meat a day.

Anonymous said...

What if we just start eating vegetarians? Hey, just trying to think outside the box here... ;)

Anonymous said...

Killing two birds with one stone. I love it!! Hunting is a great way to save cash for the venison it provides as well as a multitude of other reasons. However the gas reasoning is new to me and I like it.

Anonymous said...

This is faulty logic, in that you are thinking logically, but the opponents of hunting are neither logical regarding hunting, nor can they be satisfied without cessation of hunting, period.

It matters not a whit that hunting and hunters have provided political and financial support for ecological improvements more vast than the Sierra Club ever will, those against hunting are just that - against hunting.

May I suggest that ridiculing anti-hunters for their non-scientific, anti-progress, and wildlife/ecology destroying viewpoints will work better than trying to reason with them?

"Punching" hippies (verbally or otherwise) as recommended by has always worked better than trying to get them to recognize a sane argument.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mikee on this one....using reason and facts with these people is like trying to train a cat to stay off the furniture....better to take a page from their book and humiliate them and their views until they stop talking....

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