Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bane Reveals NO Steroid Use or In-Vitro Fertilization!

Back from a quickie vacation in Florida...mostly at a National Speakers Association convention in Mickey Mouse World (which did, yes, creep me out), so I thought I should come back strong with a stirring denial of...something. So, yes, I am clean and very un-pregnant...nor do I own a chimpanzee, I might add. I have been called a chimpanzee...but never mind.

I don't think I missed anything major, say, the nationalization of another industry; the Internet is full of various chaff, but that's always the case. Big chunks of the sky are still landing in my front yard. And a woman in Pennsylvania will stand trial for selling "Gothic kittens" with pierced ears, necks and tails. I'm seeing a trend!

More gun stuff later today!


LurkMastR said...

... but did you inhale? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you stopped in to check on Haz while you were down there.

Mdev said...

So no steroid use BUT what about those cremes that your trainer gave you "to ease your pain".

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