Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Spike's Tactical 9mm AR-15 Pistol!!!!

Okay, podcast's a selection of photos of my new Spike's Tactical AR-15 pistol in 9mm.

An incomplete list of features includes:

• Spike's AR-15 Lower, with red Spike's logo
• RRA 9mm Upper
• RRA 9mm magazine block
• Spike's Tactical pop-up AR sights
• Spike's Tactical pistol buffer tube (with red Spike's logo)
• Daniel's Defense ShortQuad Rail System
• Spike's Tactical 32-round 9mm magazine
• Dab Young Flash Suppressor

And check out the totally cool serial number: 0666

Cool Factor? OFF THE CHARTS!

I say bring on the fast 28 Days Later zombies!


Pete said...

Isn't this the sort of thing that Col. Cooper called, "the answer to a question nobody asked"? As for me, given the choice, I'll take Mr. Wilson's 9mm pistol.

Certainly, "because I want one" is more than good enough a reason to have one, but I'm sure Michael will make a convincing case for the practicalities of the AR pistol which will bring me around.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool! Now, SBR that thing (i.e., register it as a short-barreled rifle under the NFA), add a nice collapsing AR stock, and you'd have a really appealing home defense item.

Gabe Suarez has been kicking around the concept of a short semi-auto SMG type pistol caliber carbine for defensive scenarios. I believe he's started offering classes on fighting techniques with the "semi-auto SMG" family.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a nit-picker, but as a gunsmith who primarily builds AR-15s I just wanted to correct two points.

1)The rail system on your AR pistol is not a Daniel Defense, it is a Yankee Hill Machine rail.

2)Your BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights) are really made by Troy Industries but are branded with Spikes Tactical's logo.

It's still a pretty cool pistol though. Rock on Michael!

Anonymous said...

Go ahead. You know you want to do it. Pay the transfer tax and turn that into a wicked cool SBR.

Anonymous said...

AR pistols always look idiotic with that buffer tube sticking out the back of them.
"Is that a buffer tube on the back of your pistol, or is it just glad to see me?"

Anonymous said...

The flash hider is also made by YHM. Its a Phantom.

Anonymous said...

For a gun with "tactical" all over its description, I'm having a problem figuring out what "tactical" purpose it serves. If I was in a situation that called for a "tactical" weapon, I'd choose Grandpa's .30-30 over this.

I'm starting to think "tactical" is just a word for "suitable for a John Woo movie or a videogame."

Seriously, guns like these are the Bat'leths of gundom. I'd rather have a good cutlass.

But chacun a son gout.

Anonymous said...

I have to go along with cbar10's comments...that buffer tube just looks wrong on a "pistol" like that...

Now, if I wanted something that short & heavy w/o going SBR, I'd look hard at something like the B&T TP9 (Steyr) or an Uzi-type pistol....much more compact and user-friendly....

Anonymous said...

Nothing cool about the sign of the beast.

Anonymous said...

Nothing cool about the sign of the beast.


Anonymous said...

"For a gun with "tactical" all over its description, I'm having a problem figuring out what "tactical" purpose it serves"

The company is Spike's Tactical, nothing in the whole description says "Tactical" without being preceeded by "Spike's".

I'd nearly expect you to ask where the "spikes" are at. *rolleyes*

Anonymous said...

You gotta love all the grouchy old farts and fatass couch commandos in the gun community. Did you guys ever consider maybe he built the pistol/sbr because it's a fun range toy and most importantly.. because he likes it?

Dude, the gun is awesome. You actually inspired me to build one when I first saw this post a while back. I went the 7.5" 223 route with parts mostly from Spike's also. It's not 100% complete yet but will be very soon.

And to you goobers bitching about the serial number... stop reading so much fiction.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has 3 Ar-pistols I say to each his own & this is a Bad Ass pistol period.. You dont think it will work in a tactical situation? come stand close to it & let me fire 30 rounds...

Your pistol rocks man..Nice

patrick said...

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Unknown said...

Ok, I'm sold! Where in Colorado can I buy one of these?

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