Thursday, February 05, 2009

Toy Guns & Obama's Impending Apocalypse

I read this morning that our Fearless Leader says unless we all get down on our knees and perform a Clinton-certified act upon every cheesy Democratic lobbying group, the United States is finished, kaput, stone dead, deceased, no more, ceased to be, expired, gone to meet its maker, pushing up daisies, shuffled off its mortal coil, kicked the bucked, joined the invisible choir, bleedin' demised!

Wow! And I thought some of my survival buddies were scary! As I understand it, unless we give ACORN, an organization that has in the past sought to compromise the election process, $4 billion of my money, we're all gonna be sewing burkhas in the town square and begging for alms. 

Hey Dems! You like your new puppy now? 

Anyhow, I thought I'd show you a little window on the world Hope-And-Change Hussein has in mind for all of us. There's a big crisis in Australia — journalist, whose weaselness knows no national boundaries, discovered ONE REPLICA AK-47 for sale!  
A REPLICA of an assault rifle often seen with images of the world's most wanted man – Osama bin Laden – is being sold at a western suburbs pawn shop.

The replica AK-47 yesterday was for sale at a pawnbroker on Findon Rd, Findon, for $880.

Under South Australian law, it is not illegal for businesses to sell replica weapons but the incident has sparked calls from anti-gun activists for a national ban on the sale of replica guns.

AK-47s are used throughout the world and have been described as the "consecrated Taliban weapon".

In several of his video messages distributed to the world, bin Laden, the mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks has been filmed holding an AK-47.

Gun Control Australia president John Crook told The Advertiser yesterday selling such replicas put out a "shocking message".

"Weapons such as this, which is essentially what it is, create fear and apprehension in the community and the police should intervene and confiscate the gun immediately," he said.
Wow...fear run rampant! I pray the people of Australia can weather this crisis. I would like to point out, mate,  that on a dollar to dollar swap, you could get a Krebs custom AK-47 here in what's left of the Free World.


Anonymous said...

Uh, aren't guns like banned there?

If so, anyone displaying a gun is obviously holding a replica because they have passed a law.

Anonymous said...

Guns like that ARE banned here, a non-working replica is another question.

..... "Welcome to Australia" ...
(we got weird anti-gun people here too :-( )

Wallaby Jack

Anonymous said...


The names of John Crook and Roland Browne are long-term anti-gun activists.

Niether appears to be either nice or honest.

Wallaby Jack
(still suffering in Australia)

Tim Covington said...

There are plenty of people like that in the states. I believe it is illegal to sell a realistic toy gun (one not clear, day-glo orange, or green) to a minor in Dallas. (It might not have passed the city council. But, if it didn't, it was a narrow vote.)

Overload in Colorado said...

My new Kreb's 103 should be here next week. This was the budget for a new 308, but when your name comes up, you need to go YO.

Anonymous said...

Roland Browne, of the National Coalition for Gun Control, said "there's no place for replica firearms in our community. Somebody can walk into a bank with a replica firearm and cause absolute mayhem."
(End Quote)

So, Mr Browne, you don't have faith in the efficacy of your own policies?

How telling.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised at Obama's reaction to even the slightest resistance to his edicts--esp. on a bill that will pass anyway. He's buying into his messianic propaganda. Just wait until he encounters some REAL resistance to his mandates....he'll make Blago sound coherent....

....meanwhile, Hillary will be laughing and preparing....

Anonymous said...

Maybe it would help if Australia would remove the words "gun" and "firearm" and, oh, "rifle" and "pistol" and "revolver" and any word that builds on the word "gun" from the official dictionary. That way, in a few generations, somebody could walk into a bank and say, "This is a stickup. I've got a gun," and nobody would know what he meant.

Pictures of guns would have to be outlawed, too, of course, as they are in our schools. And movies. No movies with guns in them.

Wool would soon become Australia's chief export (if it isn't already).

Anonymous said...

Here in the St. Louis area an ACORN worker was charged with 2 federal felony counts of voter registration fraud: