Monday, February 02, 2009

Endless Winter Wind... my butt blown down this AM while wrangling the garbage down the ski slope that passes as my driveway! Worst part of winter up high is the wind wind wind blasting down from the Divide. Yeech!

Later today I'm going to start photographing the Spike's Tactical AR-15 rifle and 9mm pistol that arrived last week. They are masterpieces, so be prepared to drool. Also got my G26 baby Glock end of last week. Cute as a button!

RE: Michael Steele...I took my own advice and sent a letter to the RNC asking for a sit-down interview with Mr. Steele because if we in the gun culture are going to support the Republicans, we need some level of comfort with who's running the store. I do not agree with those who say, hey, he's got some interesting ideas, let's see how he does. My experience has been that people, even politicians, generally say what they mean during those few unguarded moments. 

As a more or less libertarian, the majority positions on both parties makes me slightly ill. We all came to the Great Reagan Tent with the understanding that everyone in the tent would support, or at least remain neutral, on other groups' core issues. So I swallow my revulsion on so many issues because being in the Tent means support for my core issues. 

If the Tent has indeed collapsed, then we need to start adapting to the new landscape.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your leadership on this. I don't think I'm alone thinking that the Republican party has left us behind. A little guy like myself can't hope to get an audience with the new leader of the RNC, but someone like yourself with a TV show might be able to. If you can't, then I'm guessing that the RNC isn't interested in the gun vote anymore. If that's the case, where do we go?

Anonymous said...

Dont forget to follow up with the RNC about the sitdown

FeelsRight said...

Interesting blog. Relevantly, Michael Steele, born 1958, is a member of Generation Jones---the generation between the Boomers and Gen X'ers. The Boomers have passed the leadership torch to the Jonesers. Which matters quite a bit in understanding the nature of the new chapter in politics we’ve just begun.

In this short video, Steele embraces his own Generation Jones identity, and discusses his fellow GenJones leaders:

Obama, and many of his Administration's top players, are Jonesers. The GOP is also now led by Jonesers, including Steele, Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty and Mark Sanford.

I’m a Joneser and totally relate to it, and am enjoying all the recent media buzz about Generation Jones. We’re not Boomers or X'ers!

There is a brilliant op-ed about exactly this topic in USA TODAY this week: .

I’m very curious to see what Steele’s early weeks at this new job will look like.

BigBlk said...

To use your analogy, Mike, I think it's time for a new tent altogether.

Anonymous said...

By picking Steele, the GOP has driven the last nail in it's political coffin....conservatives need not apply....

So, how's the Libertarian Party looking these days?....

Jay.Mac said...

When the Brady Campaign praises Steele on its blog, you know there are some serious issues.

BTW, did you all catch Sen Levin lying about assault weapons in the Senate?

The new PERMANENT ban is coming- something Steele seems to support.

Looks like the GOP didn't learn a thing from the election.