Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cap'n George and the Nakked Lady

Great post from my friend Captain George Baylor's (okay, his real name is Curt Rich) blog, Journal of a Gypsy Cowboy. I'm reprinting the whole post, but if you're interested in cowboy, check it out real regular like (cowboy-English...cowlish?):

Went to Cowtown to shoot again. Talked with Mad Dog Too. Gave him the phone number for Michael Bane's assistant. He convinced her that it would be a better location than Ben Avery. The lighting will be best down at the end. He told them to bring an air horn if they needed to quiet the rest of the range for a shot. She said Michael Bane isn't bothered by gunfire.

Mad Dog and I went up to the old Cowtown set, up the hill, which is now a sniper school. The old west town is still there, but fire damaged. We were walking down main street, and a man came walking up main street with a professional camera and a lens about 15" long and 6" in diameter. He told us that he was doing a shoot, and the model was down the street and didn't have many clothes on, and he would prefer we didn't go down there. Mad Dog said nudity didn't embarrass him. The photographer said the model might be embarrassed. I had thoughts I didn't express about how embarrassed. she'd be when the May Penthouse came out. Mad Dog said, "You have a camera. We have guns."

This bothered the photographer, but we turned around and left.

When I got back to the bus there was a series of emails from Michael's assistant ranging from upset to near panic to "talk to Captain Baylor" to thanks for getting Mad Dog involved and arranging Cowtown. She'd looked at the pictures on the web and thought it would be a better place anyway.

Indeed, with saguaros and mesquite and the like all around, it probably is a better place.

Went to dinner at Tex Az for chicken fried steak with Mad Dog and friends.
Thanks for sorting it out, Cap'n. The least you could have done was tell the nice lady to stay until we can get to Phoenix with video cameras!  

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Anonymous said...

So you move a shoot 15 minutes from my house to one that is 10 minutes away....I can live with that!!!