Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Tyranny of Incompetence

From Glenn Beck:


Anonymous said...

Taxes in 2014 will probably replicate Jimmah's 70% top rate if the Zero is re-elected. If he is not we will hopefully see the implementation of a flat tax.
I doubt we'll see the return of Mad Max but it makes for interesting talk.

Anonymous said...

2014 is close to the point where world oil supplies will peak. From approximately that point forward, there will not be enough crude oil to support world demand. It's the Hubbert Curve applied to world production and it's a fact to be reckoned with.

Alternative energy must be exploited while we have time...that's what the stimulus needs to be about. Alsas...incompetence reigns...practical room temperature super conductors on electrical transmission lines would reduce line loss and reduce the energy needed to generate electricity by 30%.

OK, this scenario plus an oil squeeze..that would be horrible. The world runs on an oil based economy...we all are witness to that and it's affects. The world has an incredible standard of living right now...remove the oil and voila''s gone. We need an alternative and I'm an oil guy.

Gold, siver and lead. Three precious metals you should consider in your portfolio. A few individuals monkey with the price of oil and drive it too high...we get worldwide recession. Couple that with the incompetence that pervades our "leaders" and the folly of putting the US in a debt position that's greater than the entire world should check that portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Thuggies. It's a word that needs to be defined to educate all. Cite reference USSR, China, etc...people 2nd, government 1st. How was that enforced....thuggies. Thuggies think they are patriotic nationalists...perhaps they are. Pol Pot regime enforced by...thuggies. How important is that house note, car note, grocery bill to you? How far will you go to maintain your standard of living?

Anonymous said...

I think 2014 is a hopeful estimate. I would be willing to bet that we see these things by 2012.
Tom Bogan

Anonymous said...

2014's not the tipping point for oil... not if we continue to develop, explore and exploit our resources. Put a windmill on your car and buy gold till you can't carry it anymore and none of it will do you any good if we have a collapse and even then the idea of roving gangs and shooting your neighbors is fanciful thinking. Glen Beck ran his mouth to just about the 95% he predicted for taxes. The sky's not falling.

Anonymous said...

Exploit resources that don't exist in meaningful quantities? Geology rules don't have a clue. All the easy oil & gas has been found here...or haven't you heard...we import 15 to 16 million an day and produce 5 or less.

Science is science, your poor planning will be my boon.

Anonymous said...

Add this to your financial planning.

Anonymous said...

A good movie to kinda make you think about a "SHTF" scenario is called "The Trigger Effect". It stars Elizabeth Shu.

It came out in the late 90's before the Y2K scare.

Just a quick google search for "the trigger effect movie trailer" might pull up an appetizer of what the movie is like. Then you can decide if it is either worth renting or picking up at the bargain bin... wherever.

Ya, know... all this gold buying makes me wonder... didn't our government confiscate people's gold either during the Depression and/or WWII?

Anonymous said...

Hubbert is a theory... a person has to live long enough to have perspective. I remember sitting down with Garrett Hardin in 1970 during the hyped population terror/depleted resourses chaos he propounded. It didn't quite work out that way. Educated people took limited families to heart while the third world did not and now look at what we've got in Britian, Japan and the USA to name a few.
The sky is not falling... except maybe over at HufPo.

Anonymous said...

Not all of the gold was confiscated. Look at the loot over on Ebay. How did all of those old gold coins survive if they were confiscated? The fact is that very little was confiscated, virtually all of it was turned in.

During the Great Depression there was not enough money. Now there is too much money and we are following the predictable European and Latin models.

NotClauswitz said...

Sheesh..."Gangs in control, motorcycle marauders!" Is this just a *leetle* bit of PSH or what? Calling down a dystopian vision of apocalyptic doom is a bit much, coming from these drama queens.
Besides, there already is a gang in control - they're called the Democrats, and they have their raggy ACORN shook-troops at the ready to Censusfy us with the Demographic smack-down.

Anonymous said...

We will not run out of oil in 2014.

The price for it will simply increase as it costs more to remove it from harder to reach areas.

If you ignore new technologies to recover more oil from old wells and ignore being able to access areas that were previously impossible to reach and you factor in growth from a bunch of other nations, but do not adjust the costs that go with it, you may get there but it is not realistic.

Their is oil in many places, how much it costs to recover per barrel dictates whether companies will attempt to recover it.

Areas that were too expensive in the past will become profitable and tapped.

Also as costs rise at the pump, demand also will decrease. We saw that recently. Places that gobble it up right now will cut back.

So projecting current use at a much higher cost is incorrect. Failing to factor in new technology that would make the reserves listed now as depleated or unreachable does not mean they will forever be that way.

Anonymous said...


Let's see now...

Comet Kohutek
Bird Flu
Mad Cow
(this is an oldie) Duck and Cover
The Rapture
Super Volcanos in Yellowstone

This is what I can think of on an early morning. Been thru a number of scare mongering schemes over time. Personally gonna go back to bed.

Anonymous said...

Seriously , guys.... its hard to take opinions all that seriously when posted under "anonymous".... and two "annonymouses" haven't argued that much since they had to share a room on the Ark the last time the world ended!

At least come up with internet codenames:

"Worried Guy" and "Jaded Guy" ?

Personally, I'm thinking about buying a Challenger SRT8. I don't think the world is going to end and I don't have a valid theory on what is going to happen to my income tax rate.... but I do think that the gas guzzler tax on 400+ horsepower cars is going to keep going up. AND, it actually helps the environment if I stop driving my Excursion.....


Anonymous said...

NJ_Larry, you left out Global Cooling -- which was the theory for government intervention in the 70's until someone figured out there wasn't enough opportunity for control there, Acid Rain, the Hole in the Ozone, pesticides that kill all the bees that pollinate all our food except for tree bark, Alar on the apples, and Paraquat on our grass (or is it Alar on our grass that our children play on. I get these apocalypsos (sic) mixed up.

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