Friday, June 05, 2009

A Friday Quickie

Great filming day at the FNH Midwestern 3-Gun...gonna be a super show. Also got to spend some time with people I only see at 3-gun matches...Tate Moots, Dave Neth, Mark Hanish among them...and some old friends like Dave Anderson from AMERICAN HANDGUNNER and Dave and Elaine Golladay. I also got to spend some time with Ken Pfau, the new top guy at FNH, where we discovered a common background in technical diving...Big Fun all around.

I've also made the decision to purchase the FNP-45 pistol pack, because it shot damn well. One of the lightest recoiling .45s I've ever shot. That way, I don't feel as lost and lonely since my Sweetie co-opted the FNP-9mm! The only drawbacks to the FNP pistols are the lack of Crimson Trace LaserGrips for them. In the meantime, I'm thinking of the Insight Tech Gear MX6 as a substitute for my usual SureFire white light and Crimson Trace laser.

I'll have some cool info from CMMG on on Wednesday's podcast...they had just gotten some COOL stuff back from the anodizers, and I'll fill you in on Wednesday.

My friend Bobby McGee at Blade-Tech now has his own Pro Series holster line at B-T, and, as one might expect from this superb holstermaker and world class shooter, they are excellent. Bobby was showing me some of the Pro Gear today, and he truly understands what competitors (and people who really value quality products) need. If you're just getting into IDPA, check out his IDPA Pak — holster, double magazine pouch and paddle attachment. Bobby's also now shooting for Team S&W — congratulations, dude!

In the meantime, a warning that the Weasels in Washington are going after your knives as well as your guns. From Pro-Gun New Hampshire:
 Beware! That folding knife in your pocket may turn you into a criminal if the Obama administration gets its way. Although there has been a lot of fear and speculation that the new administration wants to take your guns, the most pressing threat now is actually to your pocket knives. With the changing of the guard at U.S. Customs, that agency has now embarked on redefining "switchblades" under federal law to include a wide variety of one hand opening knives that never were intended to be prohibited. In fact, many of the knives U.S. Customs now seek to prohibit under the Federal Switchblade Law had not even been invented at the time of its enactment! Furthermore, four previous U.S. Customs ruling letters (prior administrations) specifically determined "assisted opening" knives not to be defined as switchblades.

This new proposed U.S. Customs regulation is so broad that thousands of pocket knives will fall under its sweep and millions of knife owners will be affected. The problem is not simply that imports will be banned (which is bad enough), but that the "agency determination" will be used by domestic courts and law enforcement to determine what a "switchblade" is under both federal and state laws. Many states, including New Hampshire, fail to define switchblades and simply rely on the federal definition.
I strongly recommend that you join my friend Doug Ritter's Knife Rights to protect those freedoms!


Dan said...

Thank God I'm free to carry my auto-knife here in FL with my Concealed Weapon and Firearm License. Eff the feds.

Anonymous said...

Any chance the top brass at FNH indicated a return of compacts to the FNP line? That's the REAL drawback to the FNP series!

justbill said...

Agreed on the Crimson Trace/FNP situation. I really like my pistol a lot but sorely miss the ability to add a CT laser. The combination together would be superb!

Hazcat said...

Prices going up!

If you looking at an import autoknife I would say buy it now!

I just picked one up from these guys.

If you look down the left column you will find "value autos". I got the $15 Stonewall and is a decent knife!

Dan said...

I carry that AK47 autoknife shown on the front page of that site.