Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Podcast DELAYED!!!

Sorry guys, but I can't get enough Magic Internet Juice to upload even a heavily compressed audio file...at the worst, I'll be back in Civilization on Thursday nite and will upload for Friday.

-- Post From The Road


Hazcat said...


I want my podcast!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

No podcast on Wednesday?????? When the teacher is out, shouldn't we at least a have a substitute teacher? Marshall, M'ette, Rob, or the other Mike?

Hazcat said...

Though I like all of those 'substitutes' I would prefer to wait for the 'real deal'.

"Michael Bane...there is no substitute." ;)

saltydogbk said...

Just what am I supposed to do at work?

Anonymous said...

You're correct Hazcat. How about a substitute teacher on Wednesday AND the real deal on Friday?


Anonymous said...

Quoting George Lucas' horrible script from Episode III---



Hottrockin said...

Podcast? You have a podcast? Weekly?

~pinches self~

Where the hell I been?


Guess I'll let it slide...just this once, but, let's not make a habit outta it mista!!

Anonymous said...

For those who need an acceptable substitute, check this podcast out:

Their latest is on the Browning High Power....It's pretty good and will do in a pinch....