Thursday, June 04, 2009

Southwest Airlines

Am beating my way cross country on some Southwest Airlines milk run I no doubt ended up on by, this is like taking bus trips in Hondouras! All they need us chickens and a goat or two! Meanwhile, a pix from earlier this week:

Tupelo casts a long shadow!

-- Post From The Road


Eric said...

I always joke on flights in and out of SFO that they need to ask some of the passengers to stow their poultry in the overhead bins!

Unknown said...

Even the shadow has bad-arse sideburns!

Fiftycal said...

At least on Southwest you GET there. And without $98.24 in "other" charges. Do they still give you peanuts for free?

Unknown said...

And they are much more free with sodas and snacks.

Rastus said...

Any chance that when I wake up in the morning I'll be able to burn a new podcast on a CD-R for the drive in and out of work?

Just asking....not picking. Don't want to stress you too much after riding the Winged Greyhound. I've put in my share of time in those cattle cars myself.

Anonymous said...



I waited for 4 hours at BWI for a coworker who was flying Useless Air. US Air dinked the plane during refueling and didn't have a spare.

Ratcatcher 55

Kristopher said...

I think SW is introducing a $75 charge for keeping a pet in a carrier on your lap ... so you may see goats and crates of roosters on the plane soon.