Monday, March 15, 2010

>45 Luger...Cheap at the Price!

Okay, who doesn't want a .45 ACP Luger? Do you want it half a million bucks bad? From the LA Times:
The corporate-takeover shark played by Michael Douglas in the movie "Wall Street" brandished a replica and bragged about it as "the rarest gun in the world." An Indonesian billionaire paid $1 million for the real thing, and it became known as "the million-dollar Luger."
That was in the late 1980s, when the Douglas line "greed is good" captured the spirit of the times.
On Sunday, under very different economic circumstances, the coveted .45-caliber Luger found a new owner for half that price at a public auction in Anaheim.
The gavel came down at $430,000 from an anonymous bidder. With the 15% buyer's premium, the 103-year-old weapon fetched $494,500.
I wasn't willing to go a penny over $429.999.37! Ya gotta draw the line somewhere...

Here's an interesting piece on Open Carry on the BBC. What's interesting is not so much the story as the comments, which basically proves categorically that we need to nuke the country that used to be's an example:
May I add what would happen if a innocent gun carrier panicked as a male was walking g behind her at night, in a moment of fear she shot. If it turned out she had MURDERED a innocent person walking home, would that man still be alive if that person had no gun on her? answer no. Would she be dead, no. There have been cases like this before, when 'accidental deaths' have taken place, all because a gun carrier was human and panicked.

But hey what would I know, I'm Just from England. Its up to the USA how they treat those cowardly ego boosting weapons, but I do with they would sensor them from civilised television shows. Personally I just do not agree with American media making guns acceptable out of a war zone, not that a England is perfect but hey Guns are for wimps and bullies.
Some are loonier, some saner.


ericire12 said...

Somebody email that Brit and tell them I just put a laser on my Kel-Tec :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah and tell them Spotted Dick is for English Pussies!

Moosejaw said...

one can buy a John Martz replica .45acp Luger for less than 1% of the auctioned piece...

.....and we had to be the arsenal of democracy to GB in the point where the US/NRA asked its members to donate firearms for Britain for the home guard to use...those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it....

Awtha said...

I read with much interest the many comments on the BBC website. They have been wanting to take away our God given freedoms for a mighty long time. Its time for the USA to flip the world "the bird" & return to a proper isolationist policy.
UK as well as the rest can hear the quote of my wonderful gran'ma.
"Their alright in their own way - they just don't WAY very much!"

LeisureGuy said...

Nuke England? Such a sensible and courageous idea! /irony

Anonymous said...

And this is why we Yanks had an ARMED revolution, to get away from such serf drival.
And (as mentioned above), it's a good thing for you Brits that we DID, and still DO, have so many arms available to us. Otherwise, the currently Not-So-Great Britian would be:
1) Speaking German
2) Have less freedoms then they have now (which ain't sayin' much).

B Woodman

RVN11B said...

This jerk reminds me of those wimpy smart asses that hung around campuses during the Viet Nam war. Veru vocal in attacking service men, police, gun owners, and what not.

You know the type. Gun equals genital sized sort of thing.

Then again once their asses hit the grasses in the bush they LOVED the gun.

The bigger the better!

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to assure you that while some brits are happy to be watched 24/7 and allow the state to protect them, there are still some of us with sense! (at least I certainly hope so)

Anonymous said...

And another thing: The Brits must hate freedom and liberty all together, I guess. They can no longer hunt and to even go fishing, they have to reduce themselve to catching and re-catching the same carp, over and over. They can't kill a fish, even the carp, that's used for fertilizer here in the states. Talk about reducing your freedom down to nothing!
And they keep trying to refer to the size of my guns as a direct equivalent to the size of my genitalia. They're right, my guns are big! But, what does it say about their complete absence of guns! ; )
Life Member

ron day said...

i rember in the 80s there were stories in the news every week, it seemed about how the ira was setting off bombs in subways and stores and such. and as its so safe now that no one has guns. why does there police now carry full auto sub guns, and such? they went from carrying wistles and billy clubs to full auto. hummmm..... must be so safe there......

DT said...

A Luger in .45 ACP just makes SO much sense. No irony.

But let's not nuke the UK, please. The Empire was once great and could be again. They elected Maggie Thatcher, who led them back on the right path. They've helped in the sandbox. And their cuisine... well, let's leave it at that.

Dave B said...

Gun Violence has increased in Eglnd since they castrated the public of their weapons. Now only the criminals have guns with no worry of there victims being able to defend themselves. By definition a criminal has no regard for the law. An illeagal gun is just another law to break.

Anonymous said...

I find it's best not to think of England as it was, just to consider it as it is. A less-manly version of France.

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Anonymous said...

"But hey what would I know, I'm Just from England."

Yeah, people have been shot on accident before, and that's tragic. But there's something more important here. Millions of people have been saved by having a gun when a criminal stuck a weapon in their face, and most of those instances aren't reported. That's just in the US.

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