Monday, March 22, 2010

Are We Next?

That is, since the Dems have strapped the ole suicide vest around their spindly chests, might they be willing to go after gun rights next? I don't think so — I think the...Democrats, a word I believe will become a slur in and of itself...are tired from wrecking 1/6 of the American economy and heave little taste for more controversy —  but as Sebastian at SNOWFLAKES IN HELL notes, we should be ready.

Dave Workman has some additional thoughts here:
If Democrats retain control of Congress, expect the next “big item” on the political agenda next year to be an attempt to renew the ban on so-called “assault weapons,” which are far better defined as Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR). They are, after all, widely known as "the party of gun control." If the Congress can get away with such a ban, then even if the Supreme Court rules favorably as anticipated that the Second Amendment is incorporated to the states, Legislatures across the landscape will start considering seriously ratcheting down on gun rights.
BTW, Sebastian also does a superb analysis of why the NRA model works:
The NRA model focuses on the issue first. While senior Democrats may be more openly hostile to gun rights than their GOP counterparts, by taking the view that you reward individual politicians, there’s a huge incentive to make gun rights a moderating issue for Democrats who want to represent more conservative districts. More importantly, by being willing to work just as hard for Democrats as Republicans who support the issue, the NRA has built a general trust with their members and politicians. As you can see, the results of this mean we’ve been fairly safe even as Congress has been lead by anti-gun extremists. Yes, we still have battles, but not nearly the battles we would have if more centrist Democrats didn’t have a huge perceived incentive to stick with us.
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Anonymous said...

Got to have the VOTES for Nov.

Dave S. said...

The sad irony is, if the current crop of Dems were as gung-ho against guns as the internet-rumor-forwarding hysterics on every gun forum think, they never would have gotten the majority they needed to sodomize the country yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I have to believe the progressives will try for guns sooner than later. Health care isn't about health, it's about POWER and CONTROL. After the sleaze this past weak or so I think they'd try. the mushroom

Anonymous said...

Immigration reform (?) will come first.
Tom Bogan

Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

Anonymous at 9:19Pm said "Got to have the VOTES for Nov."

No, first we gotta have the candidates. I will not vote Repubby just to get the Dems. Repubbies have not been our friends, but everything I get from the RNCC seems to imply that they are expecting a windfall.

I know our Repubby candidates for Fed office here in ND are awful, a weak RINO guv running for the Senate, and a venal corrupt politician running for the House.

We need good candidates - NOW!

DamDoc said...

I think they will come for our guns when they perceive things are really, really heated. This is precisely since the NRA has done a bang-up job (no pun intended) on the single issue... They know that confiscation will send it to the boiling point.. That said, if they are successful in rolling out the socialist ajenda to its extreme, we will, at some point, rise to the top of their list, since an armed, pissed off proletariat will be dangerous to their continued existance on this earth. But not until they perceive us as a real danger. So far, we are the frog in the proverbial pot of water that is heating up quickly.. will we jump out in time?

EJ said...

It should be obvious they will proceed without the votes and then do whatever it takes to get the votes.

Those in charge do not think like the rest of us. Let's not make the mistake of thinking they are using the same sort of logic we would apply.

We need to approach this the same way Bane says we should when hiking out on a trail or some other unknown environment.

This is not the time to talk ourselves into believing that they would not have the audacity to go for it. Desperate folks do so all the time.

JohnJacobH said...

The NRA model stinks. With myopic focus on the status quo it effectively suffocates any fresh ideas by new blood.

Witness this forty year veteran of high praise from the NRA. Heaven only knows how many good voices were squelched by this predator's career.

It was the local guys who rated him well and truly and it was the NRA who sustained him with praise from on high.

This guy has gotten nearly 9,000 clicks on my little water wheel powered blog.

In Liberty,

Hazcat said...

Amnesty is next. They way they will have the votes to stay in power. THEN they will inflect the est of their ideology on us.

Unknown said...

They will come after guns, but not directly. I haven't seen this covered or discussed sufficiently anywhere, but their control over health care enables intrusion into and control over every aspect of our lives in the name of cost control.

The pitch will be that the injuries and deaths from guns add to the costs of health care, so in the name of cost control, guns must be controlled and this societal need trumps Heller, McDonald and anything else. This will be the tactic used for a whole new world of federal control, from guns to fatty foods.

Louis said...

I have to agree on amnesty for illegals being next. This both satisfies the lefts demands and gets them the votes they need. Cap and trade was their other big piece of legislation for taking control of the economy.

Firing Pin J said...

Immigration is next for them. Then when that is settled we are on the short list.

Sebastian said...

That one was Bitter, not me. I really need to make the author larger. You're far from the first or only one to make that mistake.

Rastus said...

Follow the money. Cap & trade needs to be rescued next since the Dems are on a role.

The esoteric red meat for their minions in the form of immigration will likely follow with guns then on the horizon...after the elections and before the new congress is sworn in.

Shame the Repubs didn't go with the "follow the money" adage...might have made a difference.

Kansas Scout said...

They want more than our guns. They want to make us slaves to their new enlightened order. If we don't run them out in 2010 it will mean only Civil war remains as the solution. I can't believe I am saying that but after reading Tom Sowell's op ed I am quite pessimistic.

DT said...

The Statists are going after the biggest, low-hanging fruit they can. Pelosi identified a renewed AWB as too risky and time-consuming. Knowing it was limited, they needed all the political capital and time they had to go after their Holy Grail, Socialized Healthcare.

What's next? Amnesty is big, but why bother? Illegals are pouring in regardless of administration. Guns are still a tough nut to crack. Cap'n Trade is huge enough to give them wood, and it's swinging low. Avast ye dogs, the raiders are comin for yer air! Arrr!

Charlie Foxtrot said...

This is how they will come for our rights:

Hyping the fear. Yet another "crisis" or "emergency".