Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday in the Reloading Room

Gotta spend some time pulling the lever today. I need to set up my Dillon 650 for .44 Special, which always takes more time than I think it will. We're also having an Unlikely Spring Day up here at the Secret Hidden Bunker, so Alf the Wonder Beagle is slated for a nice long hike.

BTW, I started carrying the Ruger SR9c yesterday. I wore it around the house in the Galco Yaqui Slide for a day to see if the gun would bump out when sitting down...there didn't seem to be any problems so I put the gun into service. Here's a pix of the paddle version of the Galco Slide:

So far, so good. Slides carry the gun's weight above the belt line, which is pretty comfortable. As long as you have a good belt, and I was using a Wilderness Tactical Original Instructor Belt, it carries well. I was looking for a Wilderness Tactical Zip Slide for the little Ruger, but the one's I have didn't quite fit.


George said...

On the SR9c:
I went to the gun store yesterday and picked one up. I checked out the trigger and it is a big improvement over the SR9's trigger.

I did notice the frame was a bit short for me using the standard magazine. I would use the longer magazine. Maybe some company will come out with a grip extension for the smaller magazine.

If I did not already own the world's most perfect pistol (Glock), I would give this a look. :-)

Moosejaw said...

I will wait till they come out with an SR40C

ericire12 (Glock Fan Boy) said...

No love for the Glock 26


Anonymous said...

I've often contemplated buying a 'Slide holster for my 1911s, but stop when I consider how many times my IWB "clip" holsters (from a MAJOR US manufacturer, no less!)have been pushed up and out of my belt and pants. They get pushed up when pressure is directed at the muzzle and that's through my jeans, or slacks! That usually happens when driving and the seat belt assembly and seat interact with my body/gun arrangement. It also happens when just plain sitting sometimes. That's scary to me and does not contribute to a feeling of confidence, let alone secutity for the gun.
My favorite holsters are Bill Wilson's "Covert Carry", for my Commander slide on and Officer's frame and his "Featherweight" in horse hide, for my full-sized 1911. They're both IWB, but the Covert' carries with it's weight above the belt and it is just so very comfortable and secure. Both holsters have as near to a "fool-proof" retention system, that I have grown very confident when using these holsters. They're both rough leater on the outside and that helps stabilize the holster too. I only wish that he made them in a model that would fit my 3rd-gen' Smith's.
Life Member

Anonymous said...

what grips are those they alot better than the ones it comes with.

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