Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Sad Night for America

"So this is how liberty dies: with thunderous applause."
Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman)
Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith


Mo said...

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. Long live the USSA...

Sad day for those of us who prefer to choose our own way rather than depend on the nanny state.

Beaumont said...

This is the Tea Act of the 21st century.What will follow?

Anonymous said...

We must remember and vote out everyone who voted for this bill. God Bless America... if we ever needed divine intervention it is now. At least we now know the antichrist

Anonymous said...

I started to get angry over this...but, that would serve no purpose. It is in God's will that we are where we are. Either The freedom loving people of the United Sates will take a stand for freedom or gladly accept subjection.

Anonymous said...

Now it begins

Anonymous said...


Divine intervention?


You guys need to get a grip on reality.

I'm amused at the anger against socialized medicine. The U.S. has had socialized medicine for decades. Ever hear of Medicare or the VA?

rastus said...

Amused at the anger at socialized medicine? There was anger at Medicare and VA was to provide the best care possible to heroes and patriots. Today's enlightened politicians have destroyed the VA system which is an outrage.

Damn your amusement.

Damn you.

Anonymous said...

The belief of the American people that either of the two major parties differ in any substantial ways is a fallacy. We have seen unprecedented growth in government over the last decade. The Republicans destroyed our personal freedoms and now the Democrats are destroying our economic freedoms. Both parties have taken every opportunity to strip us of our rights whenever possible. I fear a voting backlash that involves removing Democrats and replacing them with Republicans will do little to stem the continued encroachment of the Federal Government. If we really want meaningful change we need to vote for individuals who believe not in a different form of big government but in a truly minimal government.

Anonymous said...


It doesn't matter why the VA was created, it is still socialized medicine.

And ask the geezer set if Medicare should be abolished and see what answer you get.

You are getting your blood in a boil over something that has existed for decades. Whether socialized medicine should be expanded is a legitimate debate. To pretend it doesn't already exist is silly.

Oh, and DAMN you right back.

nj_larry said...

Greetings comrades ! I am detecting a certain fear and anger among you this morning. Remember that as members of the proletariat these changes to our government will be to your benefit. Rejoice. Give your thanks to our Dear Leader for his tireless work in battling the evil capitalist corporations. In this victory we are now on the way to making this a nation safe for the masses. Glory to our Leader. The Central Committee will be issuing further orders shortly.

Have a nice day Comrades ! :)

EJ said...

Medicare and VA hospitals and other socialist programs were started when our total debt was much lower. And these programs should never have been started in the first place.

Obamacare comes to us at a time when we have never owed more, and have never looked less likely to pay it back. Obamacare is the "straws" that break our backs.

I say "straws" because not only is it expensive, it removes our rights as individuals, and it removes the rights of the states.

It is Marxism, pure and simple. We need to label it properly. When government tells businesses how to operate, it's Marxism. When they drive the businesses under and form government agencies to replace them, it's communism.

And if yoy think your 2nd Amendment rights are safer today than 5 years ago. Better think again. No Marxist government would ever leave guns in the hands of it citizens.

Grunt said...

People need to realize that those who support this be they friends, family, the guy down the street, or the brother in the hood or politicians are the enemy. We must shuck the misguided idea we have to be civil to them, or nice, they are life sucking vampires attempting to destroy what remains of our once great republic.this means you shun them for now and if the course of events leads to something else you do your duty then as well.

Mike said...

When I see comments directed at those who disagree with YOUR position such as "this means you shun them" and "they are the enemy" I agree that indeed our "once great Republic" is being lost. Political debate is the backbone of our society, free speech is the freedom you should defend and not villainize those who choose to use it. Agree or not with their positions, its your responsibility to speak out and argue your position in civil terms. Casting those who dis-agreee with you as evil seems better suited for totalitarian society I would not want to be part of.

Michael Bane said...

Gentlemen and ladies...

Courtesy here, please...only I'm allowed to be a relentlesss asshole...


kmitch200 said...

It doesn't matter why the VA was created, it is still socialized medicine.

I don't think it's fair to call the VA socialized medicine.
It is govt run but it is NOT "free" having been paid in advance by puting your ass on the line. You don't get it just by showing up at the door and holding your hand out.

The "geezer set" deserves something for earning over 5 or 6 decades, but I'm not sure Medicare is the answer. Being govt run it is broke and loaded with fraud and corruption. Come to think of it, it's just like congress except for the "broke" part.

The only thing congress did was dig their hands deeper into our pockets and expand the size of government. Something that congress has proven itself very good at regardless of which party is in control of it.
Medical costs will continue to skyrocket since being lapdogs of the American Bar Assc. and the ambulance chasing Trial Lawyers Assc, they didn't address tort reform.
'Defensive medicine' and it's endless spool of needless tests will continue to drive up costs as will the rising cost of malpractice insurance.
Our country and our healthcare will be worse off, not better off.

Rick said...

"Agree or not with their positions, its your responsibility to speak out and argue your position in civil terms."

This really worked in the Congress didn't it.

"Casting those who disagree with you as evil seems better suited for totalitarian society I would not want to be part of."

Hmmm, like closed door sessions, buying votes, taking from the working people to pay those that don't want to? Sorry, Mike, but you're a part of it. While you would chose to hug those that would disagree with you only to find a knife in your back, I would chose to meet them head on, eyes open and see them for what they are. The enemy of a free America.

Anonymous said...

Hello and good evening gentlemen and by the way until the war is won and the enemy is victor, this is STILL the United States of America and none of us should forget it. Speaking of the geaser set who put their American ass on the line I believe they would take a very dim view of the pissing and moaning we do. As for Mike, he is displaying the same type of attitude given by most liberal, socialist people living in this country. Many liberals will try to win the argument by saying things like Medicare and Medicaid are social medicine and you know what? He's right!! And so many of us back down after hearing it because we deep down inside agree that it is because it fits the profile.

We Constitutional Americans need to recognize these things are socialist programs and that they were inducted into our society by LIBERALS, no crap it's socialist medicine!!! Gentlemen, as one American to many others who want to take back our country from the grip of scum sucking, religion killing, elitist vermin we need to start recognizing the things that are wrong, take responsibility for it and face front and FIX IT! We must stop feeling guilty for socialist things in our government and root it out and FIX IT!

Stop letting the Mikes of the world back us in a corner. I know it's just a normal response because we are all honest, hard working and God loving people who always work hard, tell the truth and believe in doing what is right. Socialists and communists don't believe in anything because bottom line they are atheists and believe in nothing after this life but extinction. Therefore they want to work this world like a rib with sauce and get all they can out of it and that means dominating the rest of us and using our goodness against us.

We have social programs in this country because they were begun by socialists, there were there, in our government. Somebody F'd up and didn't watch the barn door.
But WE DIDN'T DO IT! Stop accepting blame and lets agree that we are going to fix it.

Palmbay Lou

The Warrior said...


Anonymous said...

And you call yourselves Christians or is that just when you are at church you would let your fellow country man suffer???...... It's not socialized medicine it right and just. The US is the only developed nation without it and have the lowest life expectancy because of it. If your not for it don't continue the charade of being a God fearing Christian, maybe put your Sundays to better use as entry will be denied at the pearly white gates.

Anonymous said...

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