Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DRTV’s Weekly Video Podcast 031710

Outside the view of the mainstream media, over 7000 Illionois gunowners descended on the State Capitol to tell their elected officials they want their right to carry. Illinois and Hawaii are the last two states not allowing Concealed Carry.

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John Richardson said...

I think it is Illinois and Wisconsin that don't allow concealed carry. list Hawaii as a "may issue" state.

Flash Powder Hal said...

I received this reply from Insight training center in AZ today -
Dear Responder,
We're sorry if we offended you. Protecting our rights is also a concern of
ours. We just have a different opinion as to why our rights are at stake to
begin with and how to protect them.

We are supporters of the Second Amendment and are not against people
exercising that right. We also believe that every Right has a corresponding
Duty. We believe training may very well be a key factor in retaining or
losing the very right our Second Amendment provides. We applaud those who
have willingly sought out training on their own to become educated on gun
That being said, as firearms instructors we see many students come into our
courses for training who have no clue or idea what the laws (both State
Statutes and case law) are in regards to owning or using a firearm in self
defense or any other purpose, let alone how to safely and properly handle or
store their firearms. We feel that it is the informed and knowledge gun
owners who will play an important role in allowing us to protect our Second
Amendment Rights, not those who choose to remain ignorant of the
responsibilities that come with that right. It¹s sad to say, but there are
many in our society who will not seek appropriate training on their own.
It¹s those who choose not to get training, act negligently and make stupid
careless mistakes, who are the greatest threat to protecting our Second
Amendment Rights. Mandated training is not the enemy, yet, it could play a
very important role in saving our rights in the long run. Therefore in order
to protect our rights we will support mandated training whenever it is
available. Just because we have rights doesn't mean it always makes sense to
exercise those rights without more thought in the process. Additionally,
though AZ is an Open Carry State, we do not support "Open Carry" That is
like putting a target on your forehead or back and inviting trouble!
We hear on a consistent basis from our students that they had no idea the
responsibilities and liabilities they faced while exercising their Second
Amendment Rights until after taking this course, including post law
enforcement, military retirees and life long gun owners. Over 90% tell us
after completing the training that if they knew before, what they learned in
class, they would have had the knowledge to be much more responsible gun
owners. They also tell us they couldn¹t imagine carrying a gun without the
new knowledge they gained in our class. The majority also support not only
our efforts to train and enlighten those who have been in the dark for so
long, but continued mandated training.
We also realize there are those who use Alaska and Vermont as an example of
why this law should pass, since they have not had any issues. That may be
so, yet they are not comparing apples to apples. Example, those states are
very different from other states. They are extremely rural in nature, have a
different population number from other states and most brought up in those
areas are raised with guns from early on. There is a big difference in that
and those from urban or metropolitan areas. We know because we see it on a
daily basis.

Please understand that though we respect your beliefs we do not hold them as
our own, hopefully you will do the same. It will be up to each individual in
our society to voice their own opinion to their legislators and fight for
their rights in the way that seems appropriate for them. I'm sure there will
be many who stand on both sides of support for this issue.

Sherrie & Matt Seibert

- With 'friends' like the Seiberts, who needs Sarah Brady.

Anonymous said...

With regards to the Insight Training center's comments: I can't recall which of our Founding Fathers said it, but they offered that "This is a government for an informed people". They were referring to the Constitution as a document setting forth the basis for our Republic and whose future depended on an un-ignorant populace. I can't argue with that statement, in any context. It's also difficult, as I wrote on this subject earlier, to argue that training in any form is a bad idea. Somehow, the "mandatory" part seems to be in conflict.
Is "Insight" still a blood-brother? Yes, but I hope that they consider all of the other pro-Second Amendment opinions as well and help us all meet at the correct juncture, where the "... Right shall not be infringed".
Life Member

Anonymous said...

I'm from Wisconsin and can assure you it is we who stand with Illinois at the mercy of the thugs thanks to gov doyle's two vetoes. the mushroom