Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yeah, Well...

Fox has an interesting story on Jaimie Paulin-Ramirez, the Colorado jihadist whack job who was captured along with "JihadJane." They were all training to cap the Swedish cartoonist who drew this cartoon of Mohammed as a dog:

Anyhow,  here's the punchline — Ms. Paulin-Ramierez' parents are shocked, shocked I tell you, about their daughter's brainwashing of their grandson:
Her son, who was affectionately known to his grandmother as "Baby Huey," occasionally contacted relatives in Colorado — and what he said stunned relatives.
"I talked to Huey on Monday. He said they taught him how to shoot a gun," Christine Mott said. "They taught him how to kick and fight . . . We're Democrats. We won't even buy him a toy gun."
Well, there you are! Parenting tips from Democrats!

I also refer you to an interview in Investors Business Daily with the great Thomas Sowell on his new book INTELLECTUALS AND SOCIETY:
IBD: Why shouldn't intellectuals make decisions for the rest of us?
Sowell: Because they don't know as much as the rest of us. It's one of those non sequiturs. They have more average knowledge than the average person in the limited sense in which knowledge is usually spoken of by intellectuals.
But the knowledge that has consequences in the world includes vast amounts of knowledge that I call mundane knowledge and probably no one on earth has 1% of that knowledge. Yet that knowledge is consequential, and it includes knowledge that is in no way intellectually challenging but is nevertheless crucial.
In the book, I mention the example of a pilot coming in for a landing and the control tower notices he hasn't let his landing gear down. I happen to have been on such a plane once. And as we came into land, I noticed the pilot suddenly gunned the motor, took off again, circled back around and this time let down the landing gear. So whenever I'm on a plane and I hear the landing gear go down, I'm very pleased.
IBD: You have a lot of examples of intellectuals "in action" in your book. Does any one stand out more than the others?
Sowell: The one that stands out more in my mind is the promotion of disarmament during the 1930s while Hitler and Japan were arming themselves to the teeth. Disarmament is one of those things that probably no illiterate farmer would believe in. But some of the leading intellectuals, if not most of the leading intellectuals, of the Western democracies pushed that idea throughout the 1930s.
IBD: What do you think of the Obama administration when viewing it through the many concepts laid out in your book?
Sowell: It's very hard to answer that without using language that is totally inappropriate in polite society. But it is quite clear that they believe it is their job to take decisions out of the hands of the voting public.
And there are any number of ways they can do that, including rushing through huge bills faster than anybody can possibly read them, including the congressmen who vote on them.
They made statements during the campaign that are totally the opposite of what they will actually do. One of the more recent examples being the notion that unlike previous administrations they'd be transparent and broadcast the hearings on C-SPAN.
In fact, all of the big decisions are made behind closed doors, in one case locked doors, more so than in previous administrations. They want to supersede the public and put into operation what the anointed think should be done.


Tim Covington said...

I can happily say that not all Democrats are that way. This afternoon, I received a call from a couple (both Democrats), asking my wife and I join them while they took their daughters shooting.

Dan said...

Sorry, but at this point I distrust ALL Democrats and MOST Republicans (aka RINOs). Sign me as Taxed Enough Already.

Rastus said...

Sorry, I'm hooked up with Danadapani.

Tolerance towards people who sell out the country or stab me in the back has reached it's end. I vote with the following in mind, "The lesser of two evils is still evil."

Danadapani has identified evil.

R_W said...

I'm not a democrat, but I don't give my kids toy guns either.

I give them real ones :)

Middle Man said...

"Specialization is for insects" -R.A. Heinlein

nj_larry said...

Your a brave man Mr. Bane. I can hear the muezzin calling for your head now ! Yikes.....