Friday, June 15, 2012

Bus Comin'!!!

Be sure to check out today's DAY BY DAY comic strip, at the bottom of the blog page or here, at Chris Muir's homepage. I'm not the only person who thinks there's a bus with Mr. Holder's name on it...


Chris Muir said...


Now, if just Obama would get on board that bus...

Rastus said...

Sing to the tune of Double Dutch Bus....I'm just sayin'......

Give me a ho, if you've got your Fast & Furius fare, BHO

There's a Double Darrell Bus comin' from the House
Movin' Fast & Furious, so kinda shuffle your feet
Get on the bus and rat Eric out
And tell Chuck Grassley that
You're goin' to a Double Darrell Affair
Si, Agachar, Tenor Cuidado, Aqui viene
Well, I'll be darn here it comes
The Double Darrell Bus is on the House Floor
You'd better get off the curb move your feet

Fast & Furious fare cop a plea, that's the way you gonna stay free
Ain't got no back up from my boss, he’s gonna let me take his fall
I've gotta go down to House now, cop my plea right now
That's a darn shame, now Fast & Furious Holder is gonna fall
No agents to blame, if you've work for POTUS, you know
I'm right, gotta special prosecutor, well, I dodge prison time
Uptown, downtown, everybody's scattering around
Say Eric, say Holder, he is the bag holder

Well I'm gonna miss prison I know I'll talk
I've gotta do something I know POTUS will hate
I'm gonna tell the truth to stay out the stocks
I our guns put holes in innocents
They boasted and they laughed back in the day
'Cause, what I really wanna say
I got orders from the top
The top say I’m lying about my work

Let me tell you what I say dear Darrell
When I'm dealing with the funky Fast & Furious bunch
To show you how they used to walk dem guns
Then you gotta let me walk
With witness protection I’ll tell you what they said
When I'm dealing with the Fast & Furious bunch
I say, sugar

Bip, bomp, bam dodge the slam
But only when you're grooving
With the Double Darrell Man
Put on your skates don't forget to squeel
'Cause I know I'm gonna see you
At my Double Darrell Show

Eric, Hillary, Biden and Hussein
Every time you do the Double Darrell you really turn it on
Reid, Pelosi, Rangel, Castor
Baldwin, Michaud, Hank Johnson that's my man
Come on get on my Double Darrell Bus
(The Double Darrell Bus)

Let me hear you say do that
(Do that)
Let me hear you say, do that again
(Do that again)
Let me hear you say, do the, do
(Do the, do)
Let me hear you say, do the, do the, do
(Do the, do the, do)
Do the, do da, do da, do, do, do
(Do the, do da, do da, do, do, do)

DamDoc said...

id feel better if it was a bust, rather than a bus... sure hope issa doesnt let him wiggle free with this negotiation to give congress a few more sanitized docs and holding the good stuff... not feeling warm and fuzzy

Anonymous said...

The bus isn't coming! They're actually "circling" the buses around Holder. Even some cowardly Republican Congressmen are urging that the issue be closed. We need to pay heed to who those cowards are so that we can vote them out when their re-election time comes. The Democrat-controlled Senate will nix any contempt bill the House' sends anyhow. It's the same old, same old "transparent" Obama government.

We need to ensure that we keep the House of Representative,; take back the Senate and fire Obama!

Life Member

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