Thursday, July 18, 2013

Busy Busy...

...pretending to be a television person. Got 3 days of SHOOTING GALLERY filming, followed by a couple of days for THE BEST DEFENSE. While I'm getting ready for those days, I'm watching rough cut episodes of GUN STORIES (which are just wonderful, BTW...if you're not following this season on Wednesday night, you're missing our best work). Of course the Internet connection hear at the Secret Hidden Bunker is so slow that it makes watching any video stream just plain painful.

Gunwise, I spent a few hours yesterday setting up a Ruger SR-556e for 3-Gun. Piston guns like the Ruger are not popular in 3-Gun because of their heavier weight than a gas gun . This one has been worked on by John Paul at JP Rifles and is pretty sweet. I put a Millett DMS 1-4X on a Burris P.E.P.R. mount on it to see it runs. The Milletts are often deep-discounted, and I have a couple of them I got a great prices that I use as "bread-and-butter" scopes for testing, on back-up rifles, etc.

BTW, I was a Burris in Greeley, CO, earlier this week, asnd my friend Matt Joyner, who handles Steiner's government and law enforcement sales in the U.S., had one of the 3 Steiner 1-5X scopes in the country (the other 2 are in military hands for testing).
I handled this scope when I was at Steiner in Germany recently, and I immediately was overcome with a wave of scope lust. It's a Steiner, so of course it's a tank. Here's the reticle:
It's very fast to acquire and as a true 1X you can use it the same way you use any red dot, with both eyes open. Matt had it on an H&K, and I said hey, I'll just take this home! I didn't, but my name is first on the list when the first 5 arrive in a couple of weeks.

The Swaro is in the shop since I managed to snap off the illumination switch. My Sweetie copped the Leupold Firedot 1.5-4X for her Stag 3-Gun rifle for next week's local match. Forget the scope...I need a Designated Shooter...Paging Kalani Laker!


Anonymous said...


You need to take a serious look at the Leupold VX 6 1x6 special edition Multigun setup. I got mine for SWFA in Texas. It is a true 1 power, and has a reticle almost exactly the same as the Steiner. It also has a great feature on the illuminated dot that turns on the dot the instant the scope moves. It is every bit as fast as any red dot and gives you the option to dial it up to 6 power for long shots. I am not sure why I have not seen more people talking about this fine Leupold scope.

Anonymous said...

I keep searching everywhere and can't find out what is the symbol on your baseball caps that you wear when you shoot on gun stories I know it has nothing to do with this blog but its been bugging me can you tell me the what the bird symbol is and what the meaning is thank you

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