Friday, July 05, 2013

Exhausted Friday

Why is it that 4, or 5, or 6 stages in a match in the heat takes so much out of one? I'm whipped! I think I did pretty good today on the first day of the Rocky Mountain Raid, but I made a couple of small mistakes that'll bump me down in the final ratings. Tomorrow, hopefully, no mistakes, small or large. One of my slips was a miss with the rifle on the last plate (duh...Michael headed back to the barn!) during a run in the high 20 seconds.


Jerry from upstate New York said...

an old new subject--appendix carry. The next time you see Mike Seeklander please ask him this question:
I have a glock26 (with trigger work) and carry it in a galco tuc286. trigger is completely covered-- BUT if it went off well you know that outcome. Does Mike feel that with the lighter trigger etc its still safe?

thanks much

Unknown said...

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