Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunday Catching Up On Everything

I'm going to be working hot and heavy next week on RAPID FIRE, but I hope to carve out some time on the range. Since the next major match is Ruger Rimfire, I'll be focusing on .22, chewing through my reserves of ammo. Thank heavens I hoarded!

BTW, I've been using these horizontal mag holders from MagHolder and have been very pleased. I ordered a couple of mag holders for the Sig P938 and the Colt Defender 9mm 1911. As you guys know I like horizontal carry for CCW...a viewer's eyes are less likely to take note of a horizontal pouch than the more typical vertical pouch. I'm trying something different, using a left-hand pouch with the base of the magazine facing to the rear, hopefully a little less visible from the front (and just as easy to draw with a little practice). I used the Mag Holders last week while I was on the road. Here's a longer review from my friend Richard at Guns, Holsters, Gear.


Anonymous said...

Michael, I use one of these every time I carry my SigP220, I really enjoy having a second magazine with me and it fits well in the horizontal position on my belt.

Keep up the excellent work you do.

Unknown said...

Do they make those for Ruger SR40? That is what I have been wanting for some time.

Will said...

I have a kydex horizontal holder for a P6 Surefire, that I wear for flying.
Some years ago, the walk-through metal detector flagged me, and the guard ran his hand held unit over me. I had an open bush jacket on, and the flashlight over my appendix. His unit kept beeping, but it blended in with the black belt so well, neither of us noticed it. He finally gave up, and waved me on. (I told him he might be picking up some medical hardware from an old operation.) Wasn't until I sat down in the airplane that I realized what had triggered the detectors. Bought the holder from Ayoob near twenty years ago.

No one has ever noticed/commented on the combo. So, I'd say horizontal carry would be good, judging by my experience.

Anonymous said...

does it HAVE to have Holder written on it?