Saturday, July 06, 2013

Even More Exhausted Saturday...

Courtesy 3G Tactical...LOL!

...I shot well today, but with a couple of el stupido disasters...I missed a shotgun plate, the pick-up of which cost me about 4 seconds, and on the next stage missed a slam-dunk 10 second bonus plate. I'd gamed the stage and, heck, had already subtracted that 10 seconds from my overall score. Chicken...Counting...Eggs...Unhatched...etc. We'll see how I finish, but I'm not optimistic. I do anticipate finishing higher than I did at last week's He-Man 3-Gun, which was 3rd from the bottom! Next big match is Ruger Rimfire Worlds in Tulsa the weekend of 20 July. I'm shooting a red dot on the rifle (Tactical Solutions X-Ring w/Tac-Sol trigger); irons on the pistol (Ruger Mark III frame by Majestic Arms; Tac-Sol Pac Lite top end). Haven't made a decision on the dot...I have a Lucid and a Aimpont T1...if I get down to the closing minutes, I'll default to the old Tasco Pro Point.

Interesting piece from Roger Simon on PJ Media for the 4th of July:
We all know the famous Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times! 
We certainly are, and I am of two minds about it. Like so many Americans, I have lived a comfortable, privileged life, vastly so compared to most of human history 
But I am filled with foreboding about what’s to come, indeed about what is already here. When I look at the masses swarming in Tahrir Square, I am at once repelled and attracted, repelled because, to be honest, I find their culture more than a bit crazy, but attracted because I know something is seriously wrong, not just in Egypt but in the USA.
A troubling piece, and one well worth reading.

I also want to send you to management expert Penelope Trunk's blogpost on a friend looking to find a more humane way to raise pork which is not about pigs at all, but rather how to approach your mistakes in life:
Matthew’s question is how to treat pigs more humanely and still have a profitable business. Every time he solves one problem, he gets another one. People talk a lot about what makes a successful entrepreneur, and the answer is that they don’t quit. Each time a huge problem arises, an entrepreneur has a choice to work on solving it, or stop trying.
Good words for anyone out in the Real World trying to make something — anything — work.

Last night around 1:30AM a really powerful thunderstorm rolled through the mountains here at the Secret Hidden Bunker. It woke me up, and in a flash both Alf the Wonder Beagle and Pokke-san the Tailless Cat were on the bed, holding copies of their Pet Contracts that clearly stated when there were REALLY LOUD NOISES outside and massive fireballs launched by Gods Both Named and Unnamed, the COMPANION ANIMALS GET TO SLEEP IN THE BED, TAKE UP ALL THE SPACE THEY WANT AND PROVIDE COMFORT AND SUCCOR TO THE HUMAN GUARDIANS WHO ARE PROBABLY AFRAID, TOO. What could I say?



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While I like the Spock theory, I prefer to believe we are finally seeing the Death Star succumb to Red Five's proton torpedo.

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