Tuesday, May 08, 2007

D. C. Circuit refuses to Rehear Parker Decision

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals will NOT be re-hearing Parker, setting the stage for the Supreme Court to rule for the first time specifically on the meaning of the Second Amendment. Read Eugene Volokh's analysis here.

Frankly, going to the Supremes scares the crap out of me. Yeah, I think we have a solid case and a wall of precedent behind us, but the Court will go where the Court will go.


hazcat said...

Posted this and the SAF link on DRTV.

I agree, scaery but time! We need to get past thet "Awkward time" Claire Wolfe spoke of.

gunman42782 said...

Lets hope to God that their is enough honest judges on the Supreme Court to rule on the side of history and the Constitution. But, judging from some of their past rulings, I won't hold my breath. The conservative majority is razor thin, with one judge usually breaking all ties. And that one judge can go either way.

Mick said...

We can also keep in mind that the Supremes may just let it lie...not all bad, not as good as it could be, but not taking our legs out from under us, either. I know it sounds hokey, but our nation was founded with religious principles in mind; it can't hurt to pray!