Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Escape from New York — The Sequel

Well heck, I'm trying! Am presently camped out at LaGuardia watching delay times increase. There doesn't seem to be any beer. I could die.

Anyhow, Bitter Bitch has chipped a few pennies to the Bill Richardson campaign:
I don’t know if I support him enough to vote for him in a general election, that would depend on the GOP nominee. However, I would consider voting for him, something I would not do for Hillary, Obama or Edwards.
I agree with her...there's a lot not to like, but at least he's not Rudy or that piece of worm food McCain. Please President Thompson...and Vice President Rice...hurry up!

Since I've been short of Gun Things lately, I'm posting this picture from Chris Lynch at AlumaGrips on his easily added-on 1911 mag well. According to Chris, the mag well interfaces with the grips to lock in place when the grip screws are tightened, as opposed to the Bill Wilson method of having the add-on mag well hook over the grip screws. No word on price yet...the big ultility is hanging the big honking mag well on the bottom of your piece when you're cometing in USPSA, then take it off when you're carrying the gun. BTW, I contacted Chris to see if I can get him to do me a set of AlumaGrips for my Kimber Ultra Carry in fetching Vampire Red, or, if not, purple. I do what I can for fashion.

I have to admit I'm suffering relatively degraded performance specs from the absence of sleep. I'm also trying to figure out how I'm going to mount a scope and sight in that .22 rifle tomorrow...and the answer is, I'm not! I'll sight it in in California, I guess. I'll be at the Jeff Cooper Memorial Service at the Whittington Center 10 May, if any of you are going.

Better go see what's up with the airplane...


Anonymous said...

No, no the combination that would cause the explosion of every liberal head would be a ticket of Thompson and...........Carl Rove. Damn I would like to see that

hazcat said...

Vampire Red or Purple, huh?

Well MB no one will ever accuse you of being shy, a 'victim of fashion' maybe, but not shy! ;)

Victor said...

For those who like Fred Thompson, I would recommend that you also check out Texas Republican Ron Paul. Unlike Thompson, he has already announced that he's running. He's a strict Constitutionalist, and IMHO that's exactly what this country needs.

Anonymous said...

Give up on the Thompson fantasy for goodness sake. Doesn't look like the guy is gonna run anyway. He served a whopping 1 1/3 terms in the Senate where he did nothing noteworthy. And are voters really gonna vote for a guy they see every nite on TV for Prez? And don't bring up Reagan. He was a former actor who had twice been elected Gov of California.

Of the top three Rep's McCain may have the best shot at actually beating Hillary or Obama or whoever.

But if the Iraq war is still being fought by election day Republican losses will be massive across the nation. And that spells a lot of trouble for the Second Amendment.

Jim Manley said...

Ditto on Ron Paul (

Plus, unlike Thompson, Paul voted against the McCain-Fiengold anti-free speech, er, campaign finance Act.

- Jim