Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Notes from the On-Going Culture War

The good news today is that the scumbags at the Nashville Tennessean have caved and taken down their datebase. Guess the MSM reads the blogs, too.

The Smallest Minority really kicked butt yesterday with this piece disassembling the VPC's numbers, which newspapers like the Christian Science Monitor, the Denver Post and CBS have been spouting like gospel lately:
So go ahead, VPC, Brady Center and all the other Joyce Foundation sponsored gun ban control safety organizations; convince yourselves that the number of gun owners in the U.S. is dropping precipitously. Pat yourselves on the back for the outstanding (*cough*) job you're doing.

I really enjoy watching you splutter like Sylvester the Cat every time a new piece of gun-control legislation goes down in flames, or gun-rights legislation passes with a veto-proof margin, or, as also happened today, a gun-rights court decision stands.
Instapundit has been covering this issue pretty well. Take special note of Dave Kopel's thoughtful (as usual) commentary:
In a recent article in America's 1st Freedom, Paul Gallant, Joanne Eisen and I addressed the controversy of newspapers publishing lists of people with handgun permits. We discuss various ways in which the publication can assist criminals. One newspaper which was considering publishing a list was The News Sentinel of Fort Wayne, Indiana:


Victims who are hiding from violent stalkers are one group of people with handgun licenses who have a special need for confidentiality; another group is retired police officers, who are at risk of being targeted by revenge-minded criminals.
There are numerous instances of people losing their jobs when their employers found out they had a CCW. I personally know many newspaper reporters who carry and who have told me unequivocally that they would be summarily fired if their bosses found out. As I have said before, we are the only group that the media feels comfortable bashing, misrepresenting, insulting and slurring.

This needs to STOP! I have been approached by half a dozen executives from the top firearms companies urging me to to spearhead a new media program similar to the hugely successful NSSF Media Education program we ran a few years back. I believe it's time the industry once again stepped up to the plate...there's a storm coming, and we need to address the problems we're once again having with media bias.

Finally, here's the link to the funny Slate, which generally runs around squawking that the sky is falling, piece from Emily Yoffe a couple of years back, who has seen the light:
So anathema are guns among my friends that when one learned I was doing this piece, he opened his wallet, silently pulled out an NRA membership card, then (after I recovered from the sight) asked me not to spread it around lest his son be kicked out of nursery school.
I'm off to the Jeff Cooper Memorial tomorrow...I will, of course, have video and a podcast onthe event. The first Ruger Rimfire Challenge video is up, with more next week, as is the podcast. Enjoy!

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