Monday, June 25, 2007

Coffee & Ammo

Maybe I should start a magazine with that name...anyhow, I've been swilling coffee this AM trying desperately to wake up. My brain wouldn't turn off last night, so I turned it I'm having trouble shoving thoughts through the gooey sludge in my head.

Probably a good time to record the weekly podcast!

Anhow, even all fuddled up I can figure out that middle-of-the-road Republicans are unlikely to desert even the current crew of putt-putt golf pros running for President and flock to Michael Bloomberg. Why — and this is not a trick question?

Because he's one of the most antigun politicians in American history.

Why am I even bringing this up today? Because I accidently watched the Sunday news shows, where I repeatedly heard that Michael Bloomberg represented a "viable alternative" for disenfranchised Republicans.

Here's a bulletin from the disenfranchised wing of the Republican party...why on earth do you think we're disenfranchised? Do you think it could be because your three main candidates think the Second Amendment is something they can set aside when the spirit moves them? Do you think we're all going to support an independent candidate who's willing to violate state and federal laws to feed his antigun obsession? Jeeeezzzzz....

Before I stumble into my office (then head off for a dental appointment oh joy oh joy), I want to make a couple of points on production values. The new bosses at the Outdoor Channel are committed to raising the quality of outdoor of the reasons I made the decision to go with the Outdor Channel rather than any of the other outdoor networks that were talking to me. My goals are quantum increased in production quality for SG and COWBOYS, and I'll hit those goals when we start the filming for 2008.

Meanwhile, we got machinegun video coming up on DOWN RANGE on Wednesday! All cotton vegetables!


Geoff said...

Bloomie is being touted by the lame-stream media as a "viable alternative" for one reason only - he is the anti-Fred Thompson.

This steals Fred's thunder a bit in the "viable alternative" role, especially when it comes to using that very phrase. But also it is hoped it will confuse the masses (not too difficult a proposition sometimes), and hopefully (by the left wing) will scatter the votes away across so many candidates that the Pubbies will field an abysmal candidate along with an independent (Bloomberg), so that even if her rottenness makes a poor showing, she will win.


Hazcat said...

He'll steal a LOT more left of center votes than 'disenfranchised' pubbie votes.

In any case when Fred announces the rest will be 'also rans'.

JoeMerchant24 said...

Michael, Michael, Michael...

I can't beleive you seem so proud of your caffiene addiction (Joe stops, slurps at his 52oz Diet Mountain Dew). That's sad.

Bloomberg is a short, psycho, billionaire businessman who wants to buy the president. Remove the New York accent and replace with a drawl and you have Ross Perot, v.2.0

I don't feel disenfranchised. I feel angry that the party that tend to agree with more often than the other one can only field these three stumps (I am eagerly awaiting Big Fred...).

Didn't the GOP learn from the debacle over guns that sent the first President Bush into early retirement?

Gun owners are, by percentage, more likely to vote on a single-issue. The issue, natch, is gun rights. There are some 4 million gun owners out there. There are far fewer gun banners.

The thing that drives me to drink (and won't drive me home later) is that this strong base is ignored by the politcal parties because does not get active.

The gun owners in this nation have taken on a "If we don't say nothin', maybe nothin' bad'll happen" mentality.

Guess what? Silence is deadly. Tight lips (in this case) will sink ships.

Get active politically. Speak out. Defend the 2nd Amendment. Let your lawmakers know that a gun-control vote will be the end of their careers. DON'T depend on the NRA for this service. Become Just.One.Person. and do it yourself.

JoeMerchant24 said...


I just re-read my post. I need to slow down when I type.

I used to be a professional writer and editor, I swear to Ares I was.

Please insert "I" and other various pronouns and adverbs where needed. I'm now going to bury my head in shame.

Joe in Memphis said...

Justice will not be done until Bl├╝mbergh is prosecuted for the several federal and local offenses he has committed with all of the straw purchases. Period.

There was a great editorial on CNN (I think) a day or two ago ( that I expected to sing his praises, but actually paints a pretty clear picture... That said, I'd love to see that douchenozzle spend a billion or two to gain exactly *NO* electoral votes.

Anonymous said...

Bloombert will hurt Hillary, not Fred....the MSM is going to plug him like crazy, in hope's of blunting Fred's support

....just like Reagan, they are all afraid of Fred, and they will be completely puzzled by all his support....they never got Reagan, the same with Fred...they (MSM and DC talking heads) don't understand Republicans either...


Anonymous said...

"New bosses at Outdoor Channel", is this new bosses for you or for the channel in general? I must have my Gold Fever fix every week!


Anonymous said...

... in addition to your fine programming as well. And hopefully some new episodes of Personal Defense TX as well.