Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Who Cares?

I'm finishing off the pot of coffee in anticipation of the day's quota of conference calls, plus a meeting on ramping up SHOOTING GALLERY and COWBOYS starting in July. At the suggestion/insistance of my Sweetie, I spent the weekend NOT thinking about work...I lasted until Sunday afternoon, when I had to capture some video for editing today.

All in all, it worked pretty head is much clearer than usual. I'm sure the first couple of conference calls should take care of that!

I meant to mention the other day about the new FNH flashlight...whoops...tactical illumination device, in conjunction with Viper Tactical Lights. The FNH product runs counter to the current trend of flashlights you can swallow (and the LAPD trend of flashlight you can't beat anyone over the head with)...the Striker 6 is a big boy, with four hardened, sharp-pointed "glass-breakers" on the front. Great car light...


DonWorsham said...

"plus a meeting on ramping up SHOOTING GALLERY and COWBOYS starting in July."

How many camera men/women/people are used to film these shows? At times, it seems like several. Or is it done in the edit room?

Michael Bane said...

Generally, SG and COWBOYS are 2 camera shoots. I'm looking at 4 cameras for hte STEEL CHALLENGE this of those would be a down range disposa-cam.


Squibby said...

I long as you don't make me hold the one downrange, I'm glad to help you out again.

DonWorsham said...

squibby!!! the man standing behind the target being held by the target stand that I just have to have.

MB, did you ever remember where you got them?