Thursday, June 07, 2007

Have to Slap Myself into Shooting Shape...

It looks like I'm going to be headed out to California in late July to shoot the SHOOTING INDUSTRY Masters at Raahauges Range, hopefully in the D.O.G.* category. This year it's going to be a sporting clays/Cowboy Action Shooting's a team event, so my plan is get Tequila and Kim Rhode on my team, then keep out of their way and try not to injure myself.

Seriously, it gives me an excuse to spend some summertime at the Kiowa Creek Sporting Club outside of Denver, annoying clay pigeons and feeling positively upscale. I've got a few thousand ultra-lite target loads in the garage, so this is actually a Good Thing. Plus, I love shooting my Winchester X-2 with the Cartman "Respect My Authority!" sticker on the stock...I believe the sticker is good for at least two clays per round.

Since it's an actual match, if I can use my own guns I'll haul out the Cylinder & Slide Shop Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357s, which are rockets. Then I'll wrestle my Navy Arms .357 Model 92 with the sweet action job from Steve's Gunz away from my Sweetie, who claims it's the coolest rifle in the world and must therefore be hers.

Anyhow, you'll get to see me screw up, because we're hopefully going to use it as a test run for a live-to-Internet program on DOWN RANGE...maybe we can link to a Vegas sports betting site, too!

Nice piece from Sandy Froman on the history of gun control:
When it comes to freedom, we cannot afford to forget the lessons of the past. So you and I need to know the history of gun control, because history teaches us there is a terrible price to pay when we lose our right to keep and bear arms.
Not to change subjects abruptly, but we've been doing some talking up here about using the phrase "high-tech rifles/firearms" to replace the ubiquitous "black rifle" moniker (or the mouth-overfilling "AR-15 platform rifles" that I'm so fond of using)...I'm thinking that might be a good idea.

(*Decrepit Old Guy)


Alcibiades said...

So, no one's a fan of "Sport Utility Rifle"?

Hazcat said...

Live to DRTV, COOL! It will be fun to watch. Maybe make it interactive so we can harass you.

New name for EBR. Not sure I like that. I'd sorta rather just use the EBR title they tried to scare us with and let them fret that it doesn't upset us.

If it must be changed how about "modern style', 'late model' or 'ergonomic style'?

Hazcat said...

Aa an NRA board member would you stop headlins like this from happening?

NRA, Democrats reach gun law deal

patrick sweeney said...

While we all seek the ideal (Nancy Pelosi living in rags, in a cardboard box next door to Chuck Schumer, sans box)we strive for the workable.

The NRA cut the legs out from under the antis. McCarthy and her ilk are not going to get credit for this, and all it does is add people who should have been on the disapproved list anyway.

The big news, unless it gets gutted: there will be a way to get your name off, if you're inadvertently listed as prohibited. that wasn't possible before.

Hazcat said...

Patrick, All the bill says is that you can petition.

What it fails to say is how to petition, what are the grounds for petitioning and who makes the final decision or how long it will take to make that decision.

WAAAAYYYY to vague for me.