Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Blog of Note

I note that I've never been a Bloog of Note on Blogger...pdrobably because I'm still asleep at the St. Louis airport, easily one of the three most miserable airports in America. While I have to go get on the place, here's a fascinating article on CNS:
The Second Amendment guarantees the right of an individual to own guns and for that reason should be repealed, according to a legal affairs analyst who opposes gun ownership.

"The Second Amendment is one of the clearest statements of right in the Constitution," Benjamin Wittes, a guest scholar at the center-left Brookings Institution, acknowledged in a discussion Monday. "We've had decades of sort of intellectual gymnastics to try to make those words not mean what they say."

Wittes, who said he has "no particular enthusiasm for the idea of a gun culture," said that rather than try to limit gun ownership through regulation that potentially violates the Second Amendment, opponents of gun ownership should set their sights on repealing the amendment altogether.

"Rather than debating the meaning of the Second Amendment, I think the appropriate debate is whether we want a Second Amendment," Wittes said. He conceded, however, that the political likelihood of getting the amendment repealed is "pretty limited."
More when I get to New more convinced than ever that the FNH SCAR rifles — lite, in 5.56, and heavy in 7.62 — are a head and shoulders above any of the "new system" AR clones out late 2007-2008 before a semiauto civilian version makes it dto market, though...should be worth waiting for...once again, into the dark and void!


Geoff said...

MB - does this mean you're giving up your place in line for the Sig 556? That would move me one closer to the front . . . .

Overload in Colorado said...

Magpul Masada? It's even locally grown (Erie Colorado).

Michael Bane said...

Overload...Erie frightens's so...FLAT!

Yeah, you're right...I'll give 'em a call when I get back in town and pull (that's a pun) something together on the certainly looks interesting!