Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not a Chance, Underpants!

RE: My impending Sig, I'm not stepping out of the queue! In fact, I have a meeting tomorrow AM with Sig Prez Ron Cohen, and I'm hoping to move myself up on the list a bit. Late this afternoon, I took a walk around the factory and looked at the newest big gun CNC's amazing to me how much the place has changed since the first time I visited years back!

Probably shouldn't tell you this, but I snatched a look at a really cool 556 long-range long barrel "varmint" rifle...oh, and a .45 ACP proto P250...and some other stuff they threatened to beat me if I mentioned.

It's been a big couple of days for protos...FNH had a three-dimensional model of their upcoming striker-fired polymer framed pistol, and it felt excellent in my hand. I also finally got to put some rounds downrange from the FNP .45 ACP gun designed for the ill-fated military pistol contract that vanished into thin air last year. I'd heard nothing but good about the FHN pistol from my friends in San Diego, and I'd say it totally lived up to the hype. There's a little extra weight in the slide, which makes it shoot light for a polymer-frame .45 (it's a DA/SA gun, which is much less of an issue than the gun mags would have you believe, as I've said before). The lock-up also softens the big .45.

The grip's big but — hey, it's a 14-shot .45! — but not blocky. There are interchangeable backstrap inserts...something else to lose. The gun points extremely well, as do all FN pistols since the Hi-Power (which FNH no longer imports because 1, the American market has never lined up to buy 'em, and 2, they're so damned expensive!). Sights are the FNH 3-dot system snag-frees, available with our without tritium inserts.

We were shooting 230-gr ball, and it was no problem to stand there on the line and hammer away, whether shooting singles, doubles or just emptying the magazine. I like this gun. If the process had gone forward, I'd have to say the FNH and the venerable Sig Sauer P220 Combat would have been the last pieces standing, bodth for the undeniable quality of the guns and both companies' reputation for delivering to the military.

Even though it never came to fruition, SOCOM's star-crossed search for a new pistola paid solid benefits to us all...the Taurus OSS, the Springfield XD, the Glock 21, the S&W M&P, the HK45, the Beretta PX4 SD, as well as the FNP and P220, have all drastically upped the ante for .45 ACP guns...I'll probably go to hell for saying this, but we may have finally gone beyond the baseline of the 1911...sorry...SORRY!

BTW, I spent a few magazines of .40 S&W on the FNP-40, just because I like to shoot the can deliver the mail.

On next Wednesday's podcast, I'm going to wade butt-deep into the whole 5.7 X 28 swamp...I've got a lot of time on the Five-seveN pistol and a respectable amount on the P90 "Stargate" subgun...not surprisingly, I have some thoughts on the matter!

Well, gotta go nighty night...another tough day on the range tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I have my 556 on layaway and I'm down to about 2 more payments. The only problem is I can't find a front sight in stock anywhere. The Samson FFS sounds okay but I'd like some options. Any advice?

230 Grains said...

FNH had 2 versions of the FNP 45 at SHOT. One was like the picture in your blog with either a black or stainless slide, the other, tan frame, had a more rounded appearing slide. I was hoping that it would be the production model as it seemed a bit more carry friendly.