Wednesday, June 20, 2007

USFS Stands Up!

There's a shocker, and something I didn't expect...USFS regional officials have repudiated the antigun actions of the Boulder Ranger District and called for open meetings with progun groups to address recreational shooting in the Front Range.

Colorado state legislators from both parties, meeting in an exclusive out-of-session hearing, called the reports coming out of Boulder on range closings "a Second Amendment issue." Also present were representatives from Colorado Senators Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar and Representatives Mark Udall, Tom Tancredo, Marilyn Musgrave and — strangely enough — Diana DeGette.

The legislators were joined by representatives of the NRA, the Colorado State Shooting Association, the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and the Firearms Coalition of and Col. Bob Brown from SOLDIER OF FORTUNE got to bat clean-up!

No representatives from the Boulder Ranger District, which triggered the controversy by closing ranges, were present.

Frankly, this is the first meeting in the almost two-year fight where USFS officials seemed to be listening and willing to address the issues we've brought to the table. This was by far and away the most important meeting we've had...we are united; we have state and national politicians standing with us and I honestly believe we're moving toward a resolution with USFS officials!

More later...


Anonymous said...

And NO Representative from USFS was there? How exactly can you express your displeasure when the agency responsible doesn't attend?

homebru said...

If local USFS office wasn't there, then they didn't hear anybody say anything about cooperation.

Michael Bane said...

No no...USFS BRASS was there...the people who run the store.

The Boulder District people are much further down in the food chain///