Saturday, June 23, 2007

Motorcycle Puttering Time

Back at home after a loooooooooong day at the Outdoor Channel...we had a lot of ground to conver, including rough concepts for the new openings and graphic elements of SHOOTING GALLERY and COWBOYS...California was, as always, hot and smelled like cow poopie....lovely place. Got some decent Mexican food and managed to avoid running over any immigrant families on the Interstate.

I was going to do the podcast from California, but I spent so much time ont he freeway at rush hours that I barely had time to do the work I was out there for! Have I mentioned how well the podcast is going over? Lots of subscribers and the most visited page on the DOWN RANGE site! I've had suggestions that I should do more than one a week, to which I reply why don't I just drive a nail in my foot and run around in circles?

Anyhow, been talking to ace photographer/poster-maker Oleg Volk — you've seen some of his posters here — and we're going to work rotating pro-gun posters into the redesign of DOWN RANGE later next month. He's also agree to do the cover for the revised TRAIL SAFE book, whihc will be a quantum improvement over the old one.

More later...I'm going to go putter around on my motorcycle...


Overload in Colorado said...

did a riding class yesterday, and one of the other students had a Triumph Thruxton. Beautiful bike, VERY low bars, and the front is really underdampened. Sounded perfect and very nimble (of course that could be the rider). This one was red, had a checkered stripe down the center, and a bullet fairing around the headlight.

Anonymous said...


You can't change the opening of SG.
I'll loose my one second of screen time. My family will be heart broken.


Hazcat said...

That's pretty impressive getting Oleg!

I have read comments on other boards that some people don't watch much on the Outdoor Channel because of 'lack ofproduction values' (idiots are missing some great programming). Maybe SG and Cowboys will raise the bar for the rest of them!