Wednesday, June 06, 2007

SHOT Stuff!

Am in CT for a couple of days working on SHOT and Ruger Rimfire Challenge ideas. Lots of good things coming!

Am waiting to hear back from Sandy Froman on the best way to get my bid for an NRA BoD-ship under way. I am actively soliciting support among other BoD members as well as some industry heavyweights.

Am also working on a seriously cool idea for DOWN a category killer if we pull it off.

Next week, it's full auto with FNH (yeah yeah, somebody's got to do it!)...looking forward to wringing out the SCAR rifle and getting some more P90 trigger time... and some range time with the new and super innovative Sig Sauer 250 9mm...we'll have the very first video report...of course.

Week after that, it's Stag Arms ARs and Mossberg's Just-In-Case shotgun.

After that, an exclusive new gun introduction from Ruger, followed by some time at GUNSITE doing instructional videos...

More when I'm not exhausted...BTW, I really liked my podcast this week (I listened to it on the plane since WILD HOGS was too excretable to watch even while captive!). Question for you the podcast too short, too long or about right lengthwise (30 minutes)???

Sleepy time...all day meetings tomorrow.


dmd45 said...

mb--yes--podcast is correct length at current 30 minutes---go-go-go for nra bod--we need you!! but will you have the time to be an active member of the bod?--regards, dmd

Eric said...

The Ruger introduction - are they going to enter the 1911 fray?

DonWorsham said...

I think the podcasts should be single subject, two at the most. 10-20 minutes. Instead of 1 per week, have as many as you have time to make and post accordingly. Set up an email notification that a new podcast is available. If you build it, we will come.

Anonymous said...

Start circulating petitions for the NRA Board now - just possibly you have enough clout to get a Nominating Committee slot but I suspect some of the platform won't help. Probably enough votes from people who once plinked on public lands and would like to again to elect.

Hazcat said...

I like the longer (30 minute plus) format. I can listen to it while I'm at work and replay if I miss something when work gets in the way ;).

It also gives more time to go into depth and I seem to get to know you better as well (I know DW, you're gonna say I might not want to know him better :) )

Anonymous said...

Seems a little too long to me. I think 20 minutes comes ot the right length. I too listen at work.

tokyov said...

I really like your podcasts - since you generally have 2 subjects, why not break them up into 2 shorter spots? You can then have 2 ads at the beginning.

As for length, you're under no time constraints in this format, really, so why no just make them as long as they need to be? If you run out of things to say, cut them short.

Anonymous said...


Try and see Bill Brewster. He is president of a large DC Public Relations company. Work with him at SCI, great guy, former Congressman who was not a lawyer.
I thought he was a great addition to the NRA board.

Your message should stick with him.
Getting Ms. Forman on your side sure helps.

Gerry Flanagan

kilgor said...

30 minutes is perfect.

My eyes indeed rolled back in my head from the zombie talk. Seems silly to me, but perhaps I missed the point?

Jim Manley said...

30 minutes max, unless its broken into multiple episodes. It's been good so far, although I too missed the point of the zoombie talk.