Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Amazing Day!

Momma played the guitar then, and daddy made the saw blade bend,
And raindrops played the tin roof like a drum.
But I just kept on dreamin' that a song that I was singin'
Takes me down the road to where my name is known.

Now I'm gone, and it's a long hard road
Yes, I know, it's a long hard road.

— Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
"Long Hard Road"

You know, when you do what I do for a living, you need a pretty bullet-proof ego. The blows come with the territory, and you roll with them or you get out of the kitchen.

And then, if you're lucky, you have a day like today, when so many wonderful people tell you that yes, you made a difference in their lives. It is a profound and humbling experience, and I don't think I can adequately thank so many of you for the day of a lifetime.

My life is blessed. Thank you.


Dwaine said...

Glad you enjoyed it, you earn our respect and admiration with your commitment and hard work. Our sport, and our rights are better for your efforts. It was a pleasure to meet you. My daughter refused to wash the hand Michael Bane kissed at dinner.
Happy Belated Birthday

Mickey3Gun/Funseeker said...

Michael, you, Marshal, and the crew have worked hard for, and earned every accolade! Since my discovery of you programs and writings, I have become a better trained shooter and sportsman. I look forward daily to your insightful postings, as well as you weekly efforts for the Outdoor Channel. To your continued good fortune! And thank you again for your talent and rapier wit.

Pawpaw said...

You've never heard of me, but I know some folks in the trade, and the few folks I've talked to tells me that Michael Bane is one hell of a nice guy.

Even nice guys have bad days. Chalk it up to karma, or the stars, or something.

Keep up the good fight.

DamDoc said...

Hey, you have made a hell of a positive impact on me.. I had never used my Ipod or Iphone for podcasts, and now i am addicted to down range radio and this posting (and armed american radio)... The "O" got me paying attention to guns again out of fear of loosing them and need for personal protection, and that new focus has morphed into my favorite relaxation pass time. A bad day at the range is better than any day in the office.. You are a flagship for the sport.. keep up the good work (and remember on bad days: no good dead goes unpunished..) Wish I could be in Charlotte to enjoy it too.. Maybe next year

Hobie said...

I'm one of those that checks the blog regularly, read your piece in the SASS paper (and I am NO SASS kinda guy) and I'm betting there were so many people glad-handing you on Friday and Saturday that you won't remember our names... Seriously, I'm surprised you were able to eat lunch at that table on the floor on Friday without being mobbed. Mr. Clapp looked flat tired on Saturday. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.

TheGraybeard said...

Michael, I discovered your programs about 15 months ago when I joined "Gun Culture 2.0" and got a CC license. I have gotten lots of really good, important stuff out of the Best Defense series. Shooting Gallery is a different kind of show, but fun, too. Recently started listening to your podcasts - the only podcast of any kind I listen to.

Sounds like a good show and a good couple of days. I need to handle one of those R1911s.

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