Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Range Day???

Maybe maybe, if the rain holds off. Wouldn't mind tuning up for Sunday's cowboy match, and maybe work the Ruger SR9c from the N82Tactical IWB, which I plan to try over the next few weeks.

Be sure to check out my steampunk goggles I use on today's video podcast, which will be up a later this afternoon. They were a 60th birthday gift from old friend and regular DRTV contributor Paul Erhardt. Thanks, Paul...perfect for those impromptu zeppelin trips!

BTW, the Indiana Jones fedora I wear is a one-off custom from Colorado Mountain Hat Company in metropolitan Fairplay, Colorado, home of one of Colorado's more notorious hangings in 1879. I've talked about this style of hat before, but the Indy-style fedora has a long and strange history and is even "period authentic" for SASS. The original fedora was from the Herbert Johnson hat shop in London, where the clerks recommended their "Poet" fedora because it had been in production longer than any other hat in their line (except, of course, for Toppers). Dating from the late 1800s, the Poet's genesis is lost in time, but the hat nerd-boys over at the Fedora Lounge speculate the soft felt hat was a favorite with artists, poets and other ne'er do wells as a "statement" in a culture where the stiff top hat reigned. BTW, here's my favorite iteration of the Poet, on the head of the sublime Tom Baker, the greatest Dr. Who of them all.

I wept — wept, I tell you! — when Dr. Who was forced to leave his beloved mechanical dog, K9, behind...

There's a flood of Indy hats out there, and overhauled Poets are even available from New Zealand. I decided to go with an "homage," rather than a dead-on copy, from a cowboy hat maker, because I like to support the people who support my sport.


Anonymous said...


Going back a couple weeks on Downrange Radio, I just saw an article about Wanda Jackson on the website for Garden & Gun magazine (who knew)?

Thanks for your work and Downrange Radio and TV. And happy belated birthday.


ericire12 said...

Wow, I have never seen online advertising in paragraph form ;)

Anonymous said...

ericre12, if your comment was for me, I was surprised when I happened upon Gear & Guns mag from a link somehow from a newspaper today. I have never heard of it, nor read it, nor suggest it. I just thought MB might enjoy that Wanda Jackson was getting some press for her new album.

I had never heard of Wanda Jackson before the podcast So sue me and my lack of musical edumication :) as I never made it back further than The Beach Boys, Elvis, and Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits, but I liked the song that MB played.

And gee, this seemed like the easiest way to communicate with MB, as I don't see an email address for him.

Scott Anderson

Anonymous said...

Of course, if you're talking about Michael's continuing haberdashery habit, then rock on! And I'll be listening to the new album.


nj_larry said...

For just $59.99 good little K9 can be all yours ! Perfect compliment to your steampunk weapons collection !!

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