Thursday, May 13, 2010

Remington II

Okay...sorry. On the whole I was very impressed with the Remington R1, and here's why. When I picked the gun up, it felt like an old friend. One thing I've said repeatedly is that 1911s have the ability to be more than the sum of their parts. I've built 1911s from parts, and while they all launched bullets, none of them were what I think of as keepers. My Heinie Springfield or the Wilson Master Grade ot the C&S guns feel like an extension of my hand — just point and click and all the bullets go right where you want them. the Remington R1 felt that way. 

My old pal Dick Williams asked me what I'd add to the gun, and I said, "Nothing." The trigger's good; the high vis sights are not as perfect as Novaks, Heine's or XS, but they're perfectly serviceable. The short trigger felt just fine to my finger. I stood in place on the line at 7 yards and put 80 rounds (with a couple of called fliers outside the main group) in a great big ole jagged hole. I could have kept pouring 230-grain rounds into that hole all day long, no big deal.

The gun looked good, handled good, shot good. I told Linda Powell at Remington that I'd give her my credit card number next week for my own R1...a great addition to the collection! I think the Remington R1 is a home run.


ericire12 said...


RobertM said...

I really like the look of this gun as well. I really hope they do a commander size version as well. I can carry a full size 1911 but I think the commander would be ideal for me. If Remington does one in the same price range as the R1 it will be on the top of my 'buy' list.

Defens said...

Thanks Michael,
I love it when a company steps outside its normal bounds and hits a home run (although Remington does have a bit of past history with the 1911 I realize.)
I think S&W did a similar thing when they announced that they'd be building 1911s. "What?! Blasphemy!!" But they did a great job and I love my SW1911. I also like their MP15-22, and will likely get an S&W AR clone at some point.
Now I'll likely need to get an R1 as well, to keep my theme of "Non-standard guns by the big names" intact. What's next, a wheel gun from Benelli?

Beaumont said...

Hmmm, a Benelli revolver. It would probably have an inertia dampener working with a two-part recoiling frame a la the Webley-Fosberry, and cost about $3K.

seeker_two said...

Great! When does the 9mm Commander version come out?

Stuart said...

Enjoyed meeting you today Michael. I took a look at the R1 at the Remington booth following your comments.

Th only thing I didn't like was the bottom of the butt was quite sharp and bit into my palm. The booth guy says looks like someone missed that and definitely needs to be ground down. Maybe a prototoype/demo gun issue only.

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