Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On the Way to Charlotte!

Leaving the snow-encrusted bitter cold of a Colorado spring, 1 foot of lovely white sunshine so far, for Charlotte, where I used to live a thousand years ago. My old pal Doug Marlette, rest his soul, talked me into moving there back in the early 1970s because he had a gig as cartoonist for the Charlotte Observer and he figured I could get a job there. Short story is that I was already drifting away from the concept of "a job," but they did buy freelance from me. Also wrote part of a book with Frye Gaillard, then at the Observer, who went on to become something of a celebrated Southern writer. I could tell you about a crazed driving trip me and Frye and Marlette made to Nashville for Country Music Week (which was then known as the D.J. Convention), but suffice to say we were young and the statute of limitations has now run out.

Meanwhile, let me link you to a couple of interesting reads. From a letter tot eh editor in the Oneida, NY, daily rag (thanks to Say Uncle for this one):
Let me get this straight. A terrorist bought a car off of Craigslist, fireworks in Pennsylvania, and inflammable fertilizer, parked his dud-car-bomb in Times Square, got onto an international flight, and was only caught at the last minute as the plane was taxing to the runway. Mayor Bloomberg’s solution to this is to call for stricter gun-control laws?
Mayor Bloomberg needs his head examined.
Amen to that! One thing you can say about antigun zealots is that they're consistent...the solution to everything is to ban guns.  Global warming? Ban guns! Teen pregnancy? Ban guns! Obesity epidemic? Ban guns! Entertainment Tonight renewed? Ban guns!

Quick, let's go to the Ted-ster for some Nugent-isms just to clear the air. From the Washington Times:
My name is Ted Nugent, and I profile. And it is good.
Read the whole thing, by all means. And I look forward to seeing Brother Ted later this week!

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