Friday, May 21, 2010

Beautiful Spring Day!

Going to try and get in some road biking today! Also want to finish stitching my second Schofield revolver holster. I can use the 2 holsters on an old Kirkpatrick Leather money belt I haven't used in a while, but I have also cut the leather for a matching belt for the holsters. I ordered some unique conchos for the belt yesterday!

SayUncle notes that the Freedom Group has taken the preliminary steps with the SEC to go public. This is something we've all been predicting for a long while. When you start aggregating companies the way Cerberus has been doing over the last few years one of the few plays that made sense was rolling out a big public company.

The bloggers did an excellent job of covering the NRA sure to check out Uncle, Caleb at Gun Nuts Media, my pal Joe "Boomershoot" Huffman, the Breda Fallacy (thanks for the dinner invite, Breda!) and follow their links.

I also note that the titular leader of the failed narco-state immediately to our south, a.k.a. Mexico, yesterday called on the U.S. Congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban.  The best response to that pathetic leader's pathetic whining came from Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who said, "The Second Amendment is not a subject open for diplomatic negotiation with Mexico or any other nation.”


appliance said...

The Mexican president's speech makes my head spin. I guess I'd better wake up to whats coming down the pipe because our government actually applauded this guy.

bluesun said...

To Mexico:

Screw Yew.



DamDoc said...

The mind fork of the media with regard to Arizonia is enough to make your eye balls pop (it is in vogue NOT to have read the bill). The ar thing is so far beyond that as to make you want to spit hay seeds.

Pathfinder said...

I always ought for a Schofield (I used to have one), the Slim Jim style of holster was always appropriate. Mine was a 7" barrel, tho, so for shorter ones, maybe the shorter holster is better.

The holsters remind me of the old song "Mr. Shorty" by Marty Robbins . . .

George said...

Here's the contact page for the Mexican embassy in Washington:

I suggest we let them know we don't appreciate this bastard telling us about our business. Why doesn't he let HIS citizens own firearms to protect themselves!?

Anonymous said...

Start writing your Congresspeople and Senators.
Even though some "stood" for this jerk, they need to be inundated with our responses. Be polite and to the point. Give examples to support your argument, ask them where they stand on the issue and thank them for representing you. Ask for a written response!
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Write your congressmand and senator and be Polite. WHAT!
POLITE! I just wrote my Demcratic Senator and told her how ashamed I was of her and that she was a liar just like our president is a liar and the Mexican President, who is as crooked as a dog's hind leg, is a big liar. Why mince words, these scoundrels that WE, like idiots, elected to represent us, what a joke. I'm through being polite. We need to vote every stink'in one of them OUT. I just wish we could Tar & Feather them and send out on a fence rail starting with the top Democrat!. . . . SgtYates

Anonymous said...

TO Appliance:
You're wrong. Only the elected Democrats; the President, Vice-President, senate majority leader, speaker of the house and every Democratic Senator and congressman stood and gave President "Crooked as a dog's hind leg" Caulderon a standing Ovation.He is a LIAR!
The Republican members of the Senate and House remained seated and didn't applaud. Screw MEXICO!

Jacob said...

Mr. Bane,

I'm sure you are aware of the closure of the Old Allenspark Dump (outside Lyons CO) to shooting activities. I have received a copy of the Boulder Ranger District's plan for the site and wanted to pass it along to you. The BRD is accepting public comments on the plans for 30 days starting after a notice appears in the Daily Camera around May 14th, 2010. Hopefully it will be possible to let as many gun owners in the area know about this so that we can get behind the plan.

Jacob Bertrand
NRA Certified Instructor

Anonymous said...

Michael I make cowboy spurs and buckles and conchos and the like. It would be a shame to put store bought conchos on that belt and holster. give me a shout at

appliance said...

See the full speech here:

The Mexican President says more on the the assault weapons ban. It will make you sick.

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