Monday, December 10, 2007

Congrats to the MSM!

We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
Comes on at five
She can tell you bout the plane crash with a gleam
In her eye
Its interesting when people die-
Give us dirty laundry

Don Henley
Dirty Laundry

This morning congratulations are in order for the Mainstream Media (MSM)! Yes, once again their mindless, soulless panderings to a dead madmen have helped empower another unbalanced person to go on a spree. The difference in Colorado Springs, of course, was that the shooter ran into a woman with a gun, an armed security guard at the New Life Church.

Our friends over at Say Uncle have a complete rundown of mass shootings abruptly stopped by armed citizens, sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

Maybe it's time we considered "reasonable restrictions" on the First Amendment...

BTW, sorry for the light blogging...was bouncing around the country like a deranged ping pong ball...


Anonymous said...

According to the press conference given this morning by the pastor of the New Life Church, the woman security guard is in fact a citizen with a carry permit that volunteers to pull security duty at the church. She seems to have had some LE background but is not LE now. Bravo to her. She ran to the sound of gunfire and put him down quickly. I bet ya that it turns out he is another white young male on prozac cause his feeling were hurt.

Doug said...

Any "reasonable restriction" on the Bill of Rights is an abomination. We have the 2A to protect us against the abrogations of the other 9. However, we should fully exercise our 1A rights to let these morning bobble heads know exactly how bloody stupid they are and how their nattering is quite simply laying the groundwork for more law abiding citizens to be disarmed and slaughtered by those who don't obey the law anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Heavy censorship of the media is in order, especially when it comes to sensationalized reporting of crimes because it is evident such publicity encourages the deranged to act out their demented fantasies.

What we need are "designated free speech" zones in each county of the U.S. Here citizens would be able to stand on a soapbox and speak out against any government policy or law they please for an allotted time of thirty minutes per person

Any other type of speech, especially that of the electronic variety, would be subject to pre-publication approval from a Federal Censor Board made up of Presidential appointees.

Such a plan would pass Constitutional muster because it evolves from currentlly legal restrictions on speech that endanger the public. These restrictions include threats, bribes, extortion, libel, slander, and the proverbial "shouting fire in a crowded theater." Any journalists who would defy such restrictions would be declared "enemy combatants" by the President and sent to offshore detention centers for indefinite amount of time.

Meanwhile, the President should declare of a state of Emergency under the various Homeland Security Laws and have the National Guard occupy any and all law schools to make sure they do not produce any more lawyers looking to argue First Amendment appeals.

I would be happy were even one action of this agenda were to occur, but I am not expecting it.

Anonymous said...

The power of suggestion is a powerful thing. So is "copy-cat-ism". As I wrote regarding a prior post a few days ago, the "educated" psychological community has given all of the reasons to justify this pathetic behaviour. The "cure" has become the "cause" of the problem. Never, ever have I even heard anyone scold someone and declare that this type of behaviour is not the way to do things, nor is it justified. Consequently, we see it time and again. It seems to run in "threes". The media gloms onto words like "powerful weapon", " assault rifle", "automatic assault weapon", and "high-powered rifle". They don't glom onto "stupid ass", crazy fool", or any other descrition of the shooter. John Gibson on Fox said it very well late last week. So did Ted Nugent in a syndicated column that appeared in today's "Detroit News". others might want to look 'em up and pass the articles on.
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Just occurred to me. Why have we not heard from Jim Zumbo on these kind of events? I thought he was going to out in front? What a crock....