Monday, December 10, 2007

The Stand

"There was chaos," [Jeanne] Assam said, as parishioners ran away, "I will never forget the gunshots. They were so loud."

"I saw him coming through the doors" and took cover, Assam said. "I came out of cover and identified myself and engaged him and took him down."

"God was with me," Assam said. "I didn't think for a minute to run away."

Assam said she believes God gave her the strength to confront Murray, keeping her calm and focused even though he appeared to be twice her size and was more heavily armed.

Murray was carrying two handguns, an assault rifle and over 1,000 rounds of ammunition, said Sgt. Jeff Johnson of the Colorado Springs Police Department.
"It seemed like it was me, the gunman and God," she said.
What can one say in the presence of true heroism? The news reports here say Ms. Assam kept moving toward the madman, firing shot after shot. And she hit again and again and again.

I read an article last week that asked what kind of gun control could have stopped the shootings in Omaha. Now we have an answer to that question...the kind of gun control exhibited by Jeanne Assam.

A gun, said Allan Ladd in Shane, is a tool like any other, as good or as bad as the man — or woman — who uses it.

Tomorrow I'll post about the MSM response; tonight we mourn the fallen and rejoice in a brave woman's stand.


Anonymous said...

Where are our heros? They are all around us.

"The Stand" is a great title. It pretty much defines where we are with taking personal responsibility for our security.

Jeanne is a hero.

Traction Control

Anonymous said...

Thank You,

We don't hear these things here in Australia. Just that a security guard killed some gunman.

The Lady is indeed a hero.
I wish her well.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the security cameras inside the church reveal?

Anonymous said...

The fact that she is pretty hot looking doesn't hurt either.

Anonymous said...

A brave lady of Faith, and resolve to protect the innocent. A hero and practioneer of true Gun Control...hitting what you aim at.

Only a matter of time before Katie C. or Rosie O. ask her why she didn't just shoot the gun out of his hand and then counsel him.

Sevesteen said...

Marko gets it right again:

"The number of casualties at the site of an attempted mass shooting is usually determined by whether the gun used to stop the killer is already at the site, or whether it must be carried there in the holster of a police officer."

Anonymous said...

Coroner's report indicates that the shooter finished himself off with a shotgun blast after being dropped by our hero.


My opinion - rather than turn every deranged shooter into a hero for thousands of mental midgets, and a "fearsome" person by the media, reports should say exactly zero about the murderer and focus on anyone other than him. Describe him as a scumbag and coward deserving nothing but scorn. Focus on the people who took him out, and celebrate the lives of the victims. Take this disgusting brand of fame away to be seen no more.

Jerry The Geek said...

You realize, of course, that this will be a CBS Movie of Week before the end of next year ...