Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm Mad As Hell...

...about the Omaha mall shootings. Once agin, we've got a mentally deranged whack job who announces to everybody in his whole miserable environment that he's "going to be famous," steals a gun and, in fact, becomes famous.

Note to morning television...congratulations! You've given a psychopath exactly what he wanted and fueled the sick passions of thousands more. YES! You can become famous in America by killing people! Your friends will get interviewed on national television; your mom can sob on camera; Famous People will visit all your haunts. You're dead, but hey, for a few sick minutes, everybody knows your name!

This should never have happened. The sign above is from an Omaha mall across town from the shooting by owned by the same management company. Click on the pix to read Point 14, which creates the gun-free zone. There was a lot of publicity when Nebraska finally passed their "shall issue" legislation that property owners would have the force of law behind them if they chose to post their property. How'd that work out for you mall owners? If guns were allowed in the mall, the sick mope would have probably stayed home and hung himself quietly.

BTW, regular commenter Joe Merchant, who lives in Omaha, is one this one!


Unknown said...

Yeah, Rules 14 and 15 didn't really work out very well...

Anonymous said...


I guess I'm a bad man but I never yet have let a sign disarm me. When I carry in a concealed mode everything is concealed. That's the point of the exercise. I look like any other frumpy middle-aged
white guy.

If I started wearing the Tactical Bowling shirts though my wife would figure the mid-life crisis had finally arrived. They are very sharp!

Ratcatcher 55

Not Available said...

Please don't tell anyone, but the only time I'm not armed is when I pass through metal detectors or take a shower (MB, should I switch to a GLOCK for the shower?)

There most likely were armed shoppers in that mall. Unless you're in the line of fire (thus needing to return fire), most people will move in the other direction.

Unknown said...

I have been in contact with a witness from the third floor who has completed all his CCW training, but opted not to apply because of all the signs.

He has written his story and I am just awaiting his approval to share it with everyone.

His scenario is one that will make you think about shoot/no shoot. I have a practice drill designed around this problem (The Von Maur Drill).

Keep watching, as soon as he approves the publishing of his story it'll on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Spin America forward 10 years and here is what you get...

Anonymous said...

Until "Big Media" stops publishing/broadcasting names of loons this will continue. They are co-conspiritors in this madness.


Anonymous said...

It's high time that facts and reason take America back! What we have here is a classic case of the "cure" becoming the CAUSE! The "educated" have learned to rationalize bad behaviour by blaming it on the perp's poor unfortunate childhood and sad life. That's all we're hearing here in the mid-west, regarding this case. Every day, we're bombarded with rationalizations for robbery, because of the "bad" economy, or whatever fits. So guess what we get? What did they expect we'd get?
What about personal resposibility? What about getting off your hind-end and working harder?
What about the parents? I want to hear from Cho's parents. I want to hear from this guys parents. I want them hauled out in public, so we can see who raised these jerks to do what they did. I want to see who enabled this behaviour. I want to see who turned their heads away hoping that nothing bad happens when they knew that it will. I want their "therapists" to be held accountable too. I want the perp's heirs to bear the cost of paying back the victims heirs too.
Until we all make these demands, we're goin' nowhere as a nation and culture.
And oh yeah, I want us all to have the right to protect ourselves as the event unfolds. If gun-free zones work, then let's ask all of the "anti's" to post their personal homes with a "No Guns on Premises" signs. Then let's see how true their beliefs are.
Life Member

Anonymous said...


What can you tell us about the armed response at the church shooting today?

A volunteer armed person took down the shooter didnt they?