Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Notes From Brother Ted...

...Nugent from last April on CNN. Still applies...:
No one was foolish enough to debate Ryder truck regulations or ammonia nitrate restrictions or a "cult of agriculture fertilizer" following the unabashed evil of Timothy McVeigh's heinous crime against America on that fateful day in Oklahoma City. No one faulted kitchen utensils or other hardware of choice after Jeffrey Dahmer was caught drugging, mutilating, raping, murdering and cannibalizing his victims. Nobody wanted "steak knife control" as they autopsied the dead nurses in Chicago, Illinois, as Richard Speck went on trial for mass murder.

Evil is as evil does, and laws disarming guaranteed victims make evil people very, very happy. Shame on us.


Anonymous said...

There's not enough people out there talking about gun rights. Ted comes on once and a while and does well but the anti's are on everynight. Where's the NRA? Where is anyone with money trying to fight this. All I, as a common person can do is talk to the people around me and try to explain my position on wanting to own firearms. I fail most of the time because people watch the t.v and automatically think that is the truth. Hello Hillary and good bye guns.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:22 AM: Just go to the NRA's website for daily updates. And no, you won't see them on main-stream news, because they'd have to pay for their information as "advertising". The reason that you are inundated with "anti" news is because the anti's own main-street media. If the main-stream media was on our side, then you'd only see the NRA stuff. So, which news network is going to realize how important our voices and VOTES are? Unfortunately, I don't think that the leading cable news network is on our sides, even though we've been the deciding factor in previous elections. Could it be that some (all?) of their featured commentators are actually "antis" too, or at least unsupportive of our views on individual rights? What say everyone out there?
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