Monday, December 31, 2007

Michael's New Year's Resoution

I'm never very good at the end of the year...I'm one of those people who stagger under the weight of what we didn't accomlish as opposed to looking back and celebrating what we did. I know...I know...still...

Marshal and I have been sketching out goals for DOWN RANGE Television in 2008. Marshal has already finished an update of the look, aimed at mking the site even more convenient. Our goal is for DRTV viewers to be able to quickly and intuitively find all the great features of the site. I've mentioned already the live Internet radio broadcast, the first of which will be in mid-January. Once we "master the form," our plan is for one a month. We're also actively shopping around for a national radio outlet, and I believe that will be forthcoming by the end of 2008.

Of course, we'll be at the SHOT Show big time...I'll be hosting SHOT SHOW TV for the Outdoor Channel, so if you're at SHOT you'll be stuck with me in your hotel room...sorry.

Once we get past SHOT, we'll be focusing more on the DRTV video of the things we'll be launching early on is a "Conversations" series, talks with some of the experts and persoanlities of our culture. We plan to offer free clips on DRTV, then give you the opportunity to purchase the whole conversation on DVD or as a download. This idea comes directly from you guys...I've received literally hundreds and hundreds of requests for "full-length" interviews of some of our SHOOTING GALLERY shows, especially the ones with Col. Jeff Cooper, Walt Rauch and Michael Janich. I was not able to wrangle the rights to those interviews, but at least in the case of Walt and Michael, you'll be seeing them in the DRTV "Conversations."

Gosh, there's so much!

• I'm working on an anthology of some of my gunwriting, along with some original essays, titled INNER MONKEY — Reflections on Guns, Shooting & a Haphazard Life. My plan is to release it as an e-book, with a print-on-demand option. It'll be my first e-book, and the ETA should be late Quarter 2.

• I will finish the rewrite of TRAIL SAFE, which I'll have as a print book in Q3.

• God help me, but I will finish the sequel to ALL NIGHT RADIO — FIVE TO GO — for release January 2009. I plan to release an e-version to members of the DRTV Forums well before that, so sign up!

So, that's my year!

While you;'re celebrating tonight, raise a glass to the men and women in far-flung places, our soldiers of freedom. To all who serve, thank you, thank you, thank are the best of us!


Anonymous said...

Michael, Thank you for all the great work you do. Here's to a great 2008. It will be an exciting year.

Jerry The Geek said...

All Night Radio - The Sequel:


I'm looking forward to the chapter where you explain how to make an IPSC (oops, I mean USPSA) Race Gun "Concealed Carry".

Also, more about "The Thumb", eh?


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Ojo said...

New year resolutions very easy to make but difficult to keep. may God help us all

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