Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Ultimate Fred Thomson Video...


Anonymous said...

I particularly like the "Ground Zero will be were they live" part.

Anonymous said...

Rok On, Dood!

Anonymous said... has the T-shirt to go with it.

Gullyborg said...

Hey, if you like that video, check out this one:

And now for a SERIOUS question:

Is there any chance that Fred can receive a very public endorsement from the NRA during this primary?

With Tancredo out, the only A rated candidates left will be Hunter, Huckabee, and Thompson.

Hunter has no chance at winning. Endorsing him is like throwing away money.

Huckabee may be good on guns, but he is so bad on so many other important issues - issues important to NRA voters.

That leaves Thompson - every bit as good as Huckabee or Hunter on Second Amendment issues, rock solid on every other conservative issue, and able to win.

I would hope an NRA endorsement is in the works already... but if it isn't, I certainly hope you and the other "Sportsmen for Thompson" are working hard on the inside to secure what is, for Republican candidates the HOLY GRAIL of endorsements.

(Michael: if you have information you can share with me, but can't make fully public, please e-mail me in confidence at my personal address, dvgulliver at gmail dot com)



Who needs Chuck Norris when we have Fred Thompson?

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris picked a loser. Chuck Norris is afraid of Fred.

Frank J is a frickn' genius

Anonymous said...

This ad is supposed to make me want to support Thompson?

Is this the best you can do as a Sportsman for Fred member?

The only question left about the Thompson campaign is if he drops out after Ia or waits until SC.