Tuesday, May 13, 2008

b-HO's Election Rules

Here's a good story from our pal Rich Lowry over at NRO on Obama's election rules: Here are the Obama rules in detail:
He can’t be called a “liberal” (“the same names and labels they pin on everyone,” as Obama puts it); his toughness on the war on terror can’t be questioned (“attempts to play on our fears”); his extreme positions on social issues can’t be exposed (“the same efforts to distract us from the issues that affect our lives” and “turn us against each other”); and his Chicago background too is off-limits (“pouncing on every gaffe and association and fake controversy”). Besides that, it should be a freewheeling and spirited campaign.

Democrats always want cultural issues not to matter because they are on the least-popular side of many of them, and want patriotic symbols like the Pledge of Allegiance and flag pins to be irrelevant when they can’t manage to nominate presidential candidates who wholeheartedly embrace them (which shouldn’t be that difficult). As for “fear” and “division,” they are vaporous pejoratives that can be applied to any warning of negative consequences of a given policy or any political position that doesn’t command 100 percent assent. In his North Carolina speech, Obama said the Iraq war “has not made us safer,” and that McCain’s ideas are “out of touch” with “American values.” How fearfully divisive.
I definitely don't want to be divisive! That's why I want to be right up front and say b-HO is a discount socialist who has put forth an agenda that will lead to the destruction of the America we love. He wants to take our guns and, if elected, will do his best to gut the Second Amendment. That's not to divisive, is it? It's the truth.

I had great fun today blasting away with my "Respect My Authority" Winchester X2...what can I say? THIS YEAR, I swear, I'm going to address this SHOTGUN THING. I talked to my friend Allen Treadwell, who is just a brilliant young shotgun shooter, and Olympic shotgun master Haley Dunn, who's also way cute, about coming out to Colorado this summer to film an episode of SHOOTING GALLERY on torturing me into learning the shotgun...they're up for it, although it will probably kill me.

Jeff over at Alphecca is shopping for cheap assault weapons:
Reader Participation Time. I’ve got several firearms including my beloved Bushmaster (and another Bushmaster rifle planned) and other stuff. But. I want an arsenal of “assault weapons” before the Dementiacrats take over. Frankly, the cost counts. Okay, cash is actually in short supply.
Stop by his site and toss out some suggestions (Hint...everybody needs an AK...maybe a super el cheapo Romanian version from J&G, $349.95).

You might also waqnt to catch up on BATFE and Adventure Unlimited, the last shop refusing to give in to the bullying of that swine Michael Bloomberg. Ahab has a great summary:
The entire pro-gun community is aware of Mayor Bloomberg of New York City’s lawsuit against licensed FFLs - the lawsuit that was a result of his sending private investigators to their stores to break the law and then try and sue them for it.

You may or may not know that as of right now, there is basically one last shop standing that is refusing to give into the bullying by Mayor Bloomberg and his cronies. Adventure Outdoors is still fighting the original lawsuit, as well as having filed a counter-suit, suing Mayor Bloomberg for defamation.

The ATF throwing Adventure Outdoors under the bus pertains to the original case, which is still being fought in court. Earlier in the year, Adventure Outdoors had subpoenaed three BATFE agents to be deposed in regards to the case pending against Adventure Outdoors. After the initial subpoenas were withdrawn, the BATFE “agreed” to allow the agents to be deposed in written question - now BATFE is going back on that agreement and has filed motions to exempt the agents from their written depositions.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Michael, shooting a shotgun isn't that damn hard. Even a dunce like me can shoot one.
I may not be in the running for any Olympic spots except *Special* ones, but I can certainly show someone how to do it.
I even got my wife busting clay pigeons in one afternoon, and she hates shotguns!
It ain't Rocket Surgery.
Maybe you have a mental block like Charles Barkley has in his golf swing?
GOD I HOPE NOT! No one would be safe!

BHusseinO is really trying to dodge the dung he drags in on his shoes isn't he! The disingenuous bag of shit needs 'rules of engagement' so he doesn't get caught with his pants down and have to answer a REAL question about his so called "policies". Does he even have a policy other than some stupid sound bite? I haven't heard one.

Ps - if you want a cheap semi carbine, (AK), get one in 7.62x39.
The ammo is a cheaper right now than 5.56/223


Anonymous said...

Pick up some stripped AR receivers. You'll find some at around a buck and a quarter. But even this has been going up. Rock River is already up to 180 dollars.

Anonymous said...

B Hussein Obama may be on the cusp of a political realignment to the left in this country just as Ronald Reagan tilted politics to the right. The women who have been supporting Hildabeast will, in the end, give their support to Hussein and not McCain.

Anything can happen between now and Nov but a Republican bloodbath is shaping up. If Hussein wins Rep losses in the House and Senate will be massive. The Dems would likely p/u enuff seats to have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. And the pols and media will make much of the "mandate" the voters would have given Hussein for his socialist agenda.

We had better hope the Supremes rule solidly in our favor. It is shaping up to be a long four years.

Overload in Colorado said...

Actually, 7.62x39 prices have gone up too. The only cheap ammo now seems to be 5.45x39mm.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, at one of our many local auto plants, b-HO called one of the local TV reporters "Sweety", when she asked him for some comments on a key issue, then he blew her off. Later, his handlers obviously realized his gaff and he called her telephone and left an apologetic message. Now, the media is buzzing about it, BUT most of the comments are supporting him!
As a recently retired manager from the very industry that he was crapping on, I am here to tell you that if I made such a comment to any female, I would have certainly been demoted, or even terminated. His comment once again shows his true condescending elitist colors.
It's also pathetic that the auto worker's union is sucking-up to him and endorsing him when he just got done skewering that industry. They gave him their endorsement too, even tough the "rich" that he keeps talking about taxing up the wazoo is THEM! Talk about gullable!

Countertop said...

come on michael,

you didn't do that bad. Sure, you weren't shooting at an olympic level, but you held your own amongst our little group.

And you certainly had the most stylish shotgun of the event.