Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Morning & Assorted Lunacy

...mostly having to do with SG production issues...every so often I have to morph back into a television producer, fret heavily and sort crap.

Sorry I misspelled Stev...Steph...er, Steve's name! We had a great dinner last night, and I think you guys are going to be very happy about some of the things we talked about...some very cool things coming up for DRTV!

Interesing piece in USA Today this AM on grey parrots and intelligence. Hard to imagine that researchers still have a problem with the idea of a sentient animal. God forbid that man doesn't tower over the animal kingdom in exactly the same way that a god allegedly towers over man...so much of our view of the "animal kingdom" is tainted by an outdated sense of the "natural order of things."

Of course my grey parrot, Ripley, understands perfectly that he is the King of the World, as well as the Official Flock Leader when I'm not around. Accordingly, he spends his days ordering my Sweetie around and giving her helpful hints in daily activities. It's a miracle she hasn't batter-fried him. Ripley is, by any standards you'd care to apply, sentient...he is self-aware, conscious of time, has a good vocabulary that he can use descriptively, adapts and learns in new situations, has a limited understanding of numbers (up to 3 or 4, better than most high school students these days) and has a hobby ("collecting" odd noises...he has a prodigious memory and quite a collection).

I personally think he should run for office.


Anonymous said...

In Switzerland, they're adopting a policy that extends the same thoughts toward plants, and that "man" should not tower over them and that they too have rights.
Back on the farm, we had many different animals. The matriarch cow lead the herd and she too had a sense of time. She also displayed leadership and served to train not only her own offspring, but the other cows who followed her. Chickens were similar.
In the end, they all tasted great!

Michael Bane said...

Bo problem with that...but I've always thought it was important to deal in reality...animals aren't necessarily "dumb"...people aren't automatically better than animals. Give me a choice between Alf the Wonder Beagle and the entire Middle East and guess which gets turned into a shiny plain of glass?

We use animals, not because it's the "nature of things," but because we've hammered our way to the top of the food chain and we're heavily armed.

I believe animals that share the planet with us deserve respect and in many cases honor from us, even if, in the end, we eat them and wear their skins.

Before we tower over much of anything, we should always remember the dinosaurs got dealt a really crummy evolutionary card in the form of Big Rock From Outer Space...if Someone hadn't rolled the cosmic dice, we might well be sneaking around trying to steal really big eggs...

mb, feeling as philosophical as he's likely to get...

Anonymous said...


How can you tease us...we want some details on your chat with Stephen. Did he spill any more details on the up coming Bob Lee book?

I think you need to talk him into writting a book set in the old west. With his skills developing characters and his guns knowledge he could write one heck of a western novel. Can you say Great Grand Pappy Swagger with a pair of SAAs? I sure can. :)

Anonymous said...

Stephen Hunter is my favorite author. I love his books and cannot wait for when the next one comes out. Loved the 47th Samurai. I want to be the first in line for the new book so please let us know when it comes out.

Anonymous said...

Stephen's new book, "Night of Thunder: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel," hits stores on Sept. 23rd! It should be a good one.

Michael Bane said...

And would you like it if Steve launched NIGHT OF THUNDER with an exclusive video interview on DRTV, along with an excerpt from the book, a reading by the author, signed giveaway books and, oh I don;t know, maybe a live blog with Steve?

Who's your daddy now??????

Michael B

Anonymous said...

Now that is what I am talking about Michael! As usual, you are delivering the goods.