Friday, May 02, 2008

Economist on Private Ownership of Guns

Here's an interesting graphic on world-wide gun ownership from the Economist, who duly note that there is one gun for every seven people on the planet. They also make this telling comment:
Although America accounts for 40% of firearms in civilian ownership, people put them to more deadly use elsewhere. The gun murder rate in Colombia and South Africa, for example, is much higher than in America.
Oh no, Sarah Brady! How can that be? Haven't you made a career of saying that America has the highest murder rate amont "civilized" countries?


Anonymous said...

How does Israel or Switzerland rank

Anonymous said...

.89 firearms per person. That's a pi$$ poor statement about this country!

Come on people pick up the pace!!!

I want to see that number at 1.25 by November 30, 2008


Anonymous said...

Sarah would never lie to us or anyone else. Maybe she just "misremembered". Tough to keep everything straight when you're parading around a wheelchair bound hubby and raking in tons of cash from idiots.
The 13 charges brought against J. Hinkley weren't enough to dissuade his loony acts so WE NEED MORE LAWS! Makes sense right....right.....guys?

"Come on people pick up the pace!!"

Hey I'm doing all I can but I ran out of room in the safes! The money ran out a long time ago.

Now comes the dilemma. What do I sell in order to finance the next project?
Of course there are some guns that will never go anywhere, but the ones that are not near and dear could move out to move something else in. :)


catfish said...

Problem is, the libbys don't let the facts get in the way of a good story and the press doesn't know how to fact check and just takes the talking points from Sarah and her chronies and repeats 'em verbatim....

Anonymous said...

Hey, We're all clinging to our guns and religion here! Clinging to the latter ensures that you aren't the ones killing anyone! So b-HO, there's proof that we need more gun clinging religious low-lifes like me! Or, does it? I'm sure he'll be deciding for us all!

Doug said...

Colombia and South Africa? Civilized nations?

Ouch... I have a cramp from the laughter, Michael.