Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinco de Mayo Today...

...and, of course, my birthday. I'm 27! HAHAHAHA. I'm hoping that doctors will decide that I get to survive in a pandemic. Actually, I have a pretty good idea for the physicians choosing who gets treated and who doesn't...check the voter roles! True Democrats would not want to be treated at the expense of refugees from the Third World, illegal immigrants, people of any color, including sunburn, companion animals, Energy Star appliances, hybrid cars, socialist dictators, and all those dead voters in b-HO's home district!

From Across the Pond, a little glimpse of the world Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton envision for us should either be elected. Antigun forces in the U.K. have drawn a line in the sand to stop crazed Olympic shooters from running amok and slaughtering children...from The People:
Anti-gun campaigners have blasted plans to relax firearms laws for our Olympic shooters.

Ministers are expected to let the 2012 pistol squad train in Britain after this year's Beijing Games instead of having to go abroad. But that will mean changing the rules banning all handguns, brought in after the Dunblane school massacre in 1996.

Anne Pearston of the Snowdrop Campaign, which led the drive to outlaw guns after 16 kids and their teacher were killed, said: "A child's life is not worth a medal.

"It took Dunblane for the Government to do the right thing - we can't open the door again."

The idea is to let the squad use secure Ministry of Defence ranges before the London Games. And the powerful Commons Culture and Sport Committee wants gun bans totally axed for shooting teams after 2012.

Gill Marshall-Andrews of the Gun Control Network hit back: "We oppose any kind of change, even for training. Why should we put society at risk for the sake of a few sportspeople?"
"Society at risk"...gosh, they are pathetic, aren't they? But this is where "reasonable regulation" leads, every single time.


Anonymous said...

How terrible must it be to be a socialist/liberal and live such a life of fear and denial?

Oh yeah, those poor souls don't live in reality anyhow...

Anonymous said...

Happy B'Day Cuz,I know how old you are, but will never tell!

Rick B.

Anonymous said...

When they succeed in disarming the general population, then they will have succeeded in makig it UNSAFE for everyone, as only the government and criminals will have the guns.
I have many friends in the UK, but I often wonder what they are thinking, when they allow this to happen in their country. They can't even go fishing with any amount of freedom either. There was (is?) a movement underfoot to even ban that? They just can't figure out that it doesn't need to be that way!